When does Top Chef Season 15 premiere on Bravo?


Are they ready for the first quick fire? Top Chef Season 15 set in Colorado is about to premiere on Bravo. What can foodie fans expect?

One of the most successful food competition shows is back on Bravo. Premiering on Thursday, December 7, Top Chef Season 15 returns to Bravo. What can food fans expect this season? Bravo says that this season will be momentous. Will there be Rocky Mountain highs or epic disasters?

For foodies, Top Chef is one of the best food competition shows. Of course, there is some “television” drama built into the episodes. Still, the food and cooking in Top Chef can be inspiring. From the high energy quick fire challenges to the classic Restaurant Wars, these challenges give a glimpse of the chef/restaurant world.

Top Chef has proven to be a hugely successful food competition show. The Bravo reality series has showcased numerous award winning chefs. Plus, many Top Chef winners have gone onto become huge food personalities and restaurant empires. Just look at Stephanie Izard and Richard Blais. Will another huge star come from Top Chef Colorado?

For this season of Top Chef, 15 cheftestants vie for the title. This group of cheftestants are filled with accolades, like James Beard awards. These credentials may not help them in the pressure filled Top Chef kitchen. Cooking competitions are not the same as the role of an executive chef. Being able to cook under pressure is a different skill.

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Since Colorado is the backdrop to this Top Chef season, the possibilities for unique challenges are high (pun intended). While Bravo has hinted that Rocky Mountain oysters will be used, other Colorado ingredients could make an appearance. Bravo says that this season will have never before seen items, but does that mean edibles?

Another new aspect to this Top Chef season is judge Graham Elliot. Chef Elliot has garnered many accolades over his career. The Chicago based chef should add a fresh perspective to the Top Chef kitchen. Chef Elliot’s creative spins on food are legendary. If you’ve been able to try some of his Lollapoolza offerings, you know how good he can be.

The wait is almost over for Top Chef Season 15. The first episode premieres on December 7 at 10 p.m. on Bravo. Only one chef will win the title. Can the first episode provide a glimpse of the final result? Let’s tune in and find out.