Free cookies? How else should you celebrate National Cookie Day?


What could make your day even sweeter? Free cookies of course. Here’s where you can find free cookies for National Cookie Day.

From a warm cookie straight from the oven to dunking a cookie in milk, cookies can bring a smile to most people’s faces. But, free cookies make everyone happy. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in a cookie in honor of National Cookie Day? Luckily some of everyone’s favorite cookies will be free (or heavily discounted) for this special food holiday.

Where can you find these free cookies? Here’s where you can get those cookies.

Mrs. Fields

Can anyone resist a stop by Mrs. Fields while shopping at their favorite store? Luckily, National Cookie Day is a great reason to stop by for a delicious cookie. For the food holiday, Mrs. Fields will offer the first 400 guests to each Mrs. Fields store a free chocolate chip cookie. Want to find a store near you? Visit Mrs. Fields website.

If you don’t have a Mrs. Fields near you, you won’t be left out either. For National Cookie Day, the online Mrs. Fields store will offer 40% off selected items. Why not stock up on some holiday gifts for friends and family. Who could resist a cookie delivery?

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Toll House Café

The iconic, original chocolate chip cookie recipe is the one from Nestle Toll House. Who hasn’t made this chocolate chip cookie recipe by Ruth Wakefield? It’s printed on the chocolate chip bag?

Luckily for National Cookie Day, Toll House Café is doing the baking for everyone. Guests visiting Toll House Café will get a free chocolate chip cookie. Only one free cookie per guest.

Great American Cookies

Have you ever been tempted to buy (and devour) those giant, decorated cookies at Great American Cookies? Well, you won’t get a giant cookie but you will get a free chocolate chip cookie and something else for National Cookie Day. No one knows what the “extra” item will be. Would a reason to get another cookie next week be nice, right?


Want to try something new? Cinnabon is using National Cookie Day to launch its newest treat, the Cookie BonBite. The Cookie BonBite is a cinnamon roll inn a chocolate cookie shell. It’s an extreme treat for the biggest sweet tooth. Milk is a definite must beverage pairing. Luckily for the holiday, Cinnabon will offer free milk with the Cookie BonBite. Ready to try one?

Whole Foods

Everyone has been delighted with all the lower prices at Whole Foods. National Cookie Day offers one of the best deals yet. The Whole Foods Cookie Bar will be 50% off for the food holiday. While the cookies aren’t free, the savings is huge. Why not stock the whole office with cookie for the day? Or, have cookies at every meal. Don’t think about the calories, just focus on the savings.

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