Worst holiday candy that makes Santa’s naughty list


During the holiday season holiday candy is everywhere. But avoid Santa’s naughty list by staying away from the worst holiday candy.

From candy canes to chocolate truffles, everyone indulges in a little extra holiday candy. While everyone has a favorite holiday candy, a few candies are often passed over. The excuses are many. From not wanting to over indulge to trying to stay on a diet, the worst holiday candy is often left in candy dish. What are considered the worst holiday candies?

According to CandyStore.com, they compiled the list of the 10 worst holiday candies. While some of the worst candies may not be that bad, the top three worst candies aren’t getting anyone off the naughty list.

This list has Christmas tree nougat as the worst holiday candy. Has anyone actually eaten this candy? Sure, Brach’s tries to entice people to eat the holiday nougat with the Christmas tree in the center because it looks festive.

First, the texture isn’t appealing. If you find a fresh one (often the candy is hard as a rock), the consistency is too gooey. It’s worse than getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth.

Second, the flavor isn’t tasty. Real mint is delightful, but fake mint flavor is horrible. Who wants to eat a candy that reminds them of mouth wash? The Christmas tree nougat is a definite skip this holiday season.

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The second worst holiday candy is considered Reindeer Corn. Just like Candy Corn, Reindeer Corn is that sugary candy but in a red/green color. Sure this candy has a great color scheme for the season. Just keep that candy in the bowl for decoration and skip eating the Reindeer Corn.

The third worst holiday candy is holiday themed Peeps. Let’s give Peeps some credit. They try to make the sugar coated, marshmallow candy festive, but a lot of people just don’t like it. Personally, if you eat fresh Peeps, they aren’t that bad. Actually, using Peeps in a s’mores dessert is pretty good.

Other candies on the worst list included peppermint bark, chocolate covered cherries, Lifesavers Story Books (who didn’t one of those in a Christmas stocking) and Old-Fashioned hard candy mix. Of course, everyone can agree to disagree on this type of list. Truthfully, sticking to the best holiday candy choices is probably a safe bet for everyone.

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