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Two challengers seek to battle Iron Chef Bobby Flay in this week’s Iron Chef Showdown. Are these Midwestern masters up to the Kitchen Stadium challenge?

In the first season of Iron Chef Showdown, the competition has been strong. Still, no challenger has been able to take down an Iron Chef in the Secret Ingredient challenge. Will this week’s Midwestern chefs be able to topple the reigning king of Kitchen Stadium?

According to the Food Network, Battle Bobby Flay All Day episode’s synopsis states:

"Midwestern masters Chef Tory Miller and Chef Jenner Tomaska face off using one of the most versatile vegetables around; then the winner takes on Iron Chef Bobby Flay in an all-American meat battle."

This synopsis is provides a huge clue on the Chairman’s Challenge ingredient. Generally, many cooks believe that cauliflower is the one of the most versatile vegetables. The colorless, odorless cruciferous vegetable can be transformed into almost anything. From a risotto to a pizza crust, many cooks use this vegetable as a common, healthier substitute.

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For the opportunity to battle an Iron Chef, the challenging chefs can’t just plate some roasted cauliflower. How will these chefs make cauliflower the star of a plate? Who knows, but it could help the fans think of a new way to enjoy cauliflower at home.

Still, this speculation is just that, speculation. Other vegetables are quite versatile. From potatoes to kale, the list of options are many. Many Food Network has a totally different opinion on the most versatile vegetable.

The bigger question remaining on Iron Chef Showdown is will a challenger ever beat an Iron Chef. So far, the score is Iron Chefs 5 and challengers 0. Can anyone put a win in the challenger’s column?

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Date: Wednesday, December 13
Start Time: 9 p.m. ET
Episode: “Battle Bobby Flay All Day”
TV Channel: Food Network
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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Will a challenger finally be victorious or is an Iron Chef victory guanranteed?