Foodie food gifts: Eat your way into the New Year


Stop worrying about calories or diets, it’s time to enjoy foods. Indulge in some fabulous foodie food gifts this holiday season.

During the holiday season, indulgence is expected. Food gifts can be a great way to discover some new flavors, ingredients or products. From sweet to savory, people are more willing to experiment with flavor during the holidays. Even if you buy these food items for yourself, these new food treats could be the flavor fun that makes a festive holiday.

Foodie food gifts that everyone will love.

Foodie food gifts: Eat your way into the New Year, photo by Cristine Struble

Boom Chicka Pop holiday popcorn

Sometimes people want a sweet treat, but something a little different. Just for the holiday season, Boom Chicka Pop created four holiday flavors. Choices like Hot Cocoa Marshmallow, Frosted Sugar Cookie, Dark Chocolaty Drizzle Sea Salt, and White Chocolate and Peppermint are favorite holiday flavors. At only 110 calories per serving, everyone can indulge in their favorite holiday flavors without over-indulging in calories.

All the flavors taste just like your favorite treats but come in a convenient way to eat. For example, maybe you want a hot chocolate, but it’s not quite cold enough to drink that hot drink. The Boom Chicka Pop holiday flavors help to curb that craving.

Maybe Santa might be getting some Boom Chicka Pop this year.

Boom Chicka Pop is available at various retailers. The special holiday flavors are available for a limited time.

KPOP Hot Sauce

Are you ready to spice up your next dish? Don’t worry about grandma’s roast being a little too bland. With KPOP Hot Sauce, that boring roast will have a flavorful new kick. KPOP Hot Sauce is Korean influenced hot sauce.

Using Korean chili peppers, this hot sauce balances the heat with a slightly sweet, yet tangy notes. Don’t let the flavor profile fool you. The finishing heat will definitely lift your taste buds. This hot sauce is definitely for the spice lover.

KPOP Hot Sauce retails for $9.99. Who doesn’t love a little kick to their food?

The Coquine Cookie

Sometimes the holiday season is filled with some questionable homemade cookies. One bite of the Coquine Cookie and you’ll never want another cookie. Made by Chef Katy Millard (Coquine Restaurant), this organic cookie features non-GMO and fair trade ingredients. This gourmet cookie has a loyal following. Combining flavors of salted caramel, brown butter, chocolate and smoked almonds, this cookie is bursting with flavor and texture.

These cookies are sold by the dozen, are shipped fresh nationwide. A dozen Coquine Cookies are $26.

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The majority of people don’t have the time, nor want to, create their own condiments. Still, the traditional store bough condiments can lack flavor. With CHUT UP, these better for your condiments are full of flavor and are better for you. It’s a win/win situation.

Created by a South African chef, CHUT UP comes in three flavors, Beet Ketchup, Caramelized Onion and Apple Chutney, and Peri Peri Hot Sauce. These three condiments are bursting with flavor.

The Peri Peri hot sauce is just like the authentic flavors you find in South Africa. The heat is strong, but not palate killing. One bite and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the streets of Cape Town. Definitely a flavor to add to your cooking repertoire.

CHUT UP is available online.

Peugot Zanzibar Pepper Bar

Not all peppercorns taste the same. While some people think only about black peppercorns, peppercorns come in various colors and flavors. Each one has a very distinct taste. For example, green peppercorns are bright and tangy. Pink peppercorns, which are actually fruits, are floral and fruity.

The Peugot Zanzibar Pepper Bar helps the foodie explore peppercorn flavors. Freshly ground peppercorns can add depth of flavor to both savory and sweet dishes. This convenient set makes flavor exploration simple.

For more information on the Peugot Zanzibar Pepper Bar, please visit the Peugot website.

Mrs. G’s Hot Pepper Jelly

Before you break out the peanut butter sandwich, this jelly is more than just another spread. Mrs. G’s Hot Pepper Jelly adds big, bold flavor to all types of recipes. From marinades to finishing sauces, these flavorful pepper jellies add a little extra boost to all types of dishes.

One personal favorite way to enjoy Mrs. G’s Hot Pepper Jelly is on ribs. The peach habanero jelly helps to keep the ribs moist while they smoke for hours. Plus, the added tang is lip smacking good.

Mrs. G’s Hot Pepper Jelly has four flavors, Ja-Ha (jalapeno-habanero), jalapeno garlic lime, mango ginger habanero and peach habanero. These products are available online.

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