Iron Chef Showdown recap: Ribs and racks


What can take down an Iron Chef in Kitchen Stadium? This week’s Iron Chef Showdown recap is all about ribs, racks and ultimate reward.

In Iron Chef Showdown, challengers have struggled against the Iron Chefs. Even the newest Iron Chef has been dominant in Kitchen Stadium. In this Iron Chef Showdown recap, ribs and racks could reap the ultimate reward for the challenger.

As the two challengers enter Kitchen Stadium, the Secret Ingredient challenge awaited them. In the 30 minute challenge, the two chefs had to create an amazing dish utilizing apples. The altar was filled with all varieties of apples. But, the using all the varieties didn’t necessarily equal success.

Iron Chef Showdown recap, photo from Food Network

Chef Bancoft chose to go savory with apple-centric dish. His dish featured Alabama inspired components, like pot licker. The savory broth had infused apple flavor while adding a nuanced touch to the dish. The highlight was the bright apple slaw. Both a textural component and a smart flavor component, the slaw was integral to the dish.

Chef Spruance chose to create a dessert. Her dish used all the apple varieties in many ways. From a granny smith sorbet to fried apple peels, she was thoughtful in using all aspects of the secret ingredient. Unfortunately, her sorbet was overturned, which created a textural issue. Also, the dish suffered from a lack of cohesion.

Chef Bancoft won the opportunity to battle Iron Chef Garces in the main challenge. Awaiting the two chefs was an altar filled with ribs and racks. The chefs had pork, beef and lamb to choose from. The chef who highlighted the meat best would be the winner. Could a challenger finally conqueror an Iron Chef?

Iron Chef Showdown recap, photo from Food Network

Looking at each chef’s dishes, there were similarities in most of the courses. The smallest nuances would spell the difference between victory and defeat. Attention to detail was key.

Since the chefs had to present the first course in the beginning of the battle, everyone expected the chefs to do a raw preparation. The battle of the two raw dished came down to presentation. Iron Chef Garces’ dish was pretty, but not easy to eat. The dish wasn’t really a pick-up type and cutting it could make it crumble. Flavor was good, but it was a little confusing.

Iron Chef Showdown recap, photo from Food Network

Chef’s Bancoft’s more classic tartare. His biggest twist was an oyster vingerette. The raw oysters added a nuanced depth and uniqueness to the dish. This dish earned his an early advantage over the Iron Chef. Would the first course pave the way to victory?

Iron Chef Showdown recap, photo from Food Network

The final four dishes had some expected and some creative takes on the ribs and racks secret ingredient. Iron Chef Garces’ standing rib roast was bursting with flavor. The classic dish was perfectly cooked and was truly one of his best dishes.

Also, Iron Chef Garces pushed the boundaries with a beef flavored ice cream. While making an ice cream was creative, the dish had a few too many components. If the dessert had been paired down a little, the final note of his dinner would have been a more successful.

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Chef Bancoft had one of the best dishes of the competition. He cooked ribs in chicken skin/fat, then covered them in fried chicken skin. The crispy texture of the chicken skin with hints of honey and spice was a home run. The creativity was key but also the flavor was spot on.

The challenger also created a dessert. His beef influenced pudding was served in a bone. While the presentation was a little expected the dessert was successful.

When the final score was announced, the challenger, Chef Bancroft, won with a score of 42 to 40. The first course proved to be the difference in the competition.

This episode showed that a challenger can finally beat an Iron Chef. Overall, the battle was extremely even. The secret ingredient didn’t give either chef a huge advantage.

The challenger, in this episode, did a good job of pushing creativity. That factor helped him to win. Future challengers should take his lead in the competitions. Every chef can execute or they wouldn’t be on Iron Chef Showdown. Creativity separates the winners from the losers.

Can another challenger be triumphant in an Iron Chef Showdown recap? Check back next week to see.