bubly: Crack a smile with Pepsi’s new vivacious sparkling water


When someone shares a smile, your day can just seem a little better. Pepsi’s new sparkling water, bubly, looks to add a little fun to your next drink.

Everyone knows the importance of drinking plenty of water. Even so, water can seem less exciting than other beverages. From soda to juice, those cans and bottles look like the life of the party. Pepsi wants to change that situation. The new bubly is set to be the vivacious sparking water, with a little humor, too.

Launching this month, bubly is Pepsi’s new line of sparkling waters. Available in eight flavors, these beverages are meant to be entertaining. Like the name itself, bubly isn’t some old-school, boring sparkling beverage. These waters are meant to be the star of the party.

bubly: Pepsi’s new vivacious sparkling water, photo provided by Pepsi

With brightly colored cans and amusing names, bubly is meant to bring a smile to the drinker. With a smile on the can itself, you can’t help but smile yourself. Just take a look at the smiles on the cans. Each flavor has its distinct smile personality. From a citrus wedge smile to a perfectly coiffed mustache, these cans, like the sparkling waters, are the life of the party.

Also, each flavor has its own witty greeting and message. On the tab, phrases like “Hey you” or “hii” greet the drinker. The messages on the cans are equally as cheeky. Phrases like “hold cans with me” or “I feel that I can be open around you” showcase the brand’s playfulness.

bubly: Pepsi’s new vivacious sparkling water, photo provided by Pepsi

While the playful package will draw a consumer’s eye, the beverage itself needs to deliver on flavor. All eight flavors contain no artificial flavors, no sweeteners and no calories. The eight flavors are “limebubly, grapefruitbubly, strawaberrybubly, lemonbubly, orangebubly, applebubly, mangobubly, and cherrybubly.” These flavors show that the bubly seeks to appeal to a wide demographic. From classic sparkling waters like lime and lemon to millennial friendly mango and grapefruit, the bubly flavors should appeal to everyone in a household. Whether people choose flavors based on taste or the amusing cans remains to be seen.

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The new Pepsi brand looks to capitalize on the ever growing water market. From sparkling waters to enhanced waters, more and more people are seeking these beverages. Pepsi launched an initiative called Performance with Purpose, where “at least two-thirds of the global beverage portfolio volume will have 100 calories or fewer from added sugars per 12 oz serving by 2025.” As healthier lifestyles drive consumers’ choices, Pepsi looks to get a stronghold on that market.

As bubly hits store shelves this month, the world will get introduced to the beverage during this year’s Oscars. The two, 30-second spots airing during the broadcast while highlight the brand’s fun side and bubbly personality.

The new bubly will be available in 12 oz cans, sold in both eight and 12-packs. Also, 20oz single serving bottles will be available.

Are you ready to crack a smile with bubly? It’s hard not to smile around this sparkling water.