Which chef should be crowned winner of Top Chef Season 15?


The season finale of Top Chef Season 15 is here. Out of the four remaining chefs, which one should be crowned winner of Top Chef Colorado?

While Colorado has proved to be a lovely backdrop for Top Chef Season 15, the competition could be compared to the state’s rugged landscape. Each week, the chefs have experienced huge highs followed by very steep lows. Nothing has been predictable.

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Looking back at Top Chef Season 15, very few people would have guessed the final four chefs left in the competition. After the first couple of challenges, it seemed certain that Carrie would make a quick exit. Somehow, she honed her cooking and has earned a spot in the finale.

While a few chefs have criticized her many “toasts,” those simple, well-conceived dishes had the clean flavors that the judges loved. Carrie has won many challenges during this Top Chef season. If she can edit her dishes and cook from her heart, Carrie has a strong chance at the title. Granted, it would be a little cliché for a Colorado chef to win Top Chef Colorado.

Adrienne is another chef who seemed likely to exit early but somehow find her way to the finale. While Adrienne has a superb pedigree, her cooking didn’t have a voice. Trying to recreate dishes or elements of dishes from her mentors didn’t translate into a thoughtful dish. When Adrienne found her voice, her food changed dramatically. Without a challenge win all season, it doesn’t seem like she could pull out a victory.

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It appears that the Top Chef title will come down to a battle of the Joes. Both of the Joes have had huge wins and huge mistakes this season. Joe Flamm (Chicago Joe) earned his spot through winning Last Chance Kitchen. Last week’s episode showed that Chicago Joe can cook more than rustic Italian food. Those goat cheese drop biscuits would have made Chef Art Smith proud.

To sneak out a win, Chicago Joe needs to cook well technically. A small mistake can be the difference in first and second place. If he starts singing in the kitchen, the other chefs better watch out.

The favorite appears to be Joe Sasto (Mustache Joe). He has the most tricks in his knife roll. He has used different culinary techniques throughout the competition. While some of the dishes flopped, he was creative. Creativity definitely got him to the final.

For Mustache Joe to win, he needs to keep his dishes simple. Too many components or techniques can muddle a dish’s flavor. Finding the right balance will be the key to his success.

Only one chef will be crowned winner of Top Chef Season 15. Who do you think will walk away with the title?