B-Dubs Brew Series kicks off with Stone Brewing


Good food and great beer are always a winning combination. Stone Brewing is the first brewery in the B-Dubs Brew Series.

For many people, chicken wings are a favorite food. Whether you like the spicy, mild or somewhere in between, those chicken wings need a frosty beverage with them. Beer can be that perfect pairing. With the craft beers taking over taps, those special beers are becoming more popular. Stone Brewing is partnering with B-Dubs for the Brew Series.

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B-Dubs Brew Series, Stone Brewing, photo provided by B-Dubs

The B-Dubs Brew Series brings together craft breweries and the restaurant in a great collaboration. Guests at B-Dubs will have the opportunity to have the first taste of these special beers. Afterwards, the beers will be available at various retailers as well as at B-Dubs.

As the first brewery in the B-Dubs Brew Series, Stone Brewing was a great choice. The California brewery has focused on brewing unique beers. Many of the brewery’s beers focus on big, bold flavors. There is a huge attention to detail and dedication to the craft of the beer. With robust, layered flavors, these beers are meant to be savored.

B-Dubs Brew Series, Stone Brewing, photo provided by B-Dubs

The first beer in the B-Dubs Brew Series is Stone Scorpion Bowl IPA. This beer is described as complex, fruity beer. Inspired by tiki bar drinks, this beer brings tropical fruit to the hoppy IPA. With flavors like tropical fruits and berries, the fruit flavor should be sweet without becoming overly cloying. Blending in some herbal notes with the fruit and hops, this beer should be a great introduction to springtime.

The Stone Scorpion Bowl IPA will have the first taste at B-Dubs. Later the beer will be available at various retailers.
To pair with the Stone Scorpion Bowl IPA, B-Dubs has created some new menu items to pair with the Stone Scorpion Bowl IPA.

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The Crimson Crush sauce plays off a sweet and sour flavor combination. The bright citrus pairs with a mild pepper flavor. Basically, it brings the heat without killing your palate. This sauce can be enjoyed with the infamous B-Dubs wings.

Additionally, the restaurant will offer several other new menu items. These choices include smothered cheese steak quesadilla, sweet chili shrimp, bacon boss burger and Alaska cod classic.

The new B-Dubs Brew Series is a great reason to grab some friends and enjoy the newest beer from Stone Brewing. Don’t worry, the scorpion doesn’t sting, but it could get you to come back for more wings and beer.