Is your cocktail beach ready? Raise a glass to Life’s a Beach


Who’s ready for Spring Break? Even if sun and sand isn’t on your itinerary, your cocktail can be beach ready.

After a long, blistery cold winter, everyone is ready to ditch the winter coats and head to the beach. While sun, sand and warm breezes may be enticing, not everyone can escape to the tropics. When you can’t get to a beach, bring the beach to you, in a cocktail. Why not raise a glass to Life’s a Beach?

Life’s a Beach is a beach ready cocktail. Created by the ultimate beach liquor, Beach Whiskey, this cocktail is all about the beach life. With flavors of coconut and pineapple, aroma and taste can have you feeling the beach breezes.

Life’s a Beach, cocktail by Beach Whiskey, photo provided by Beach Whiskey

Here’s how to mix up Life’s a Beach.

"Life’s a Beach by Beach WhiskeyIngredients:1.5 oz Beach Whiskey Island Coconut½ oz Beach Whiskey Bonfire CinnamonFill with pineapple juiceTechnique:Add all ingredients to rocks glass. Stir and add garnish, a pineapple slice."

This cocktail is just one of the many cocktails that can bring the beach life to any location. The key is the Beach Whiskey liquor. Embodying the beach vibe, this company is all about relaxing, good times and fun on sand. As the sponsor for the Beach Majors Volleyball tournament, the brand and its product are perfect for those warm, sunny days.

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Unlike other aged whiskeys, Beach Whiskey is a clear. Since this whiskey isn’t barrel aged, it retains its clear color. By not aging the whiskey, the flavor is quite smooth and has a lighter mouth feel. With these characteristics, the liquor easily mixes with tropical fruit flavors. Plus, the lack of color means the mixers’ colors retain the bright, beachy feel.

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Available in Island Coconut and Bonfire Cinnamon flavors, these two varieties seamlessly blend into a laid back beach vibe. The Coconut whiskey is subtle on the coconut with a hint of blueberry. Whether sipped with fresh squeezed juice or blended into a complex cocktail, the clean flavors come through in every sip.

The Bonfire Cinnamon builds the heat as you drink it. While not overpowering in the heat level, the warmth is a slow linger. This liquor is perfect for when the ocean breeze casts a chill as the sun goes down.

Even if you don’t get a chance to head to the beach this Spring Break, your cocktail can be beach ready. Put on some sunglasses, turn up the music and enjoy on Life’s a Beach cocktail by Beach Whiskey. The beach spirit is just a sip away.