Iron Chef Gauntlet returns: Will there be a new Iron Chef?


With Bobby Flay exiting the popular Iron Chef franchise, a group of new challengers prepare themselves for Iron Chef Gauntlet. Will one earn the title?

Iron Chef has been the ultimate television cooking competition. Some of the nation’s best chefs battle against the Iron Chefs for kitchen supremacy. Change is coming to Kitchen Stadium. The old guard, Bobby Flay and Morimoto have turned in their chef coats. A set of new chef prepare for battle in this season’s Iron Chef Gauntlet.

Host Alton Brown, as seen on Iron Chef Gauntlet, Season 2.

Beginning on April 4, Kitchen Stadium opens for battle. Seven worthy competitors compete against each other for the opportunity to take on Iron Chefs Alex Guarnaschelli, Stephanie Izard and Michael Symon in a final, ultimate battle. If the final challenger can beat the Iron Chefs, that chef will join the Iron Chef ranks.

This season’s chef competitors are:

"Iron Chef Gauntlet competitors are: Timon Balloo (Miami, Florida – Partner/Executive Chef, Sugarcane); Nicole Gomes (Calgary, Canada – Owner/Executive Chef, Nicole Gourmet); David LeFevre (Manhattan Beach, California – Owner/Executive Chef, Manhattan Beach Post); Dale Mackay (Saskatoon, Canada – Owner/Executive Chef, Grassroots Restaurant Group); Jeanie Roland (Punta Gorda, Florida – Owner/Executive Chef, The Perfect Caper); Hong Thaimee (New York, New York – Owner/Executive Chef, Thaimee Table) and Kevin Tien (Washington D.C. – Owner/Executive Chef, Himitsu)."

Last year, Iron Chef Gauntlet saw Iron Chef Stephanie Izard will the coveted title. While these chefs are all quite accomplished, they don’t have the popular name recognition like last year’s chefs. It will be interesting to see if fans of the show will have a connection to these chef contestants.

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While the recent Iron Chef Showdown did offer a return to Kitchen Stadium, the format was a little clunky. The two challenge format made each episode a little circumstantial. One of the best parts of Iron Chef was the information about the crazy secret ingredients or insight on cooking techniques. While the new show was fast paced, it missed some of the original high points.

Iron Chef Gauntlet doesn’t adhere to the classic Iron Chef show. It has a blend of group challenges and an one on one battle. The key to this season’s success will be the secret ingredients. If the secret ingredients aren’t exciting, the season could be lackluster.

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New to this season is an at home component to the competition. The digital series, Iron Chef Mode, gives fans a glimpse into the Kitchen Stadium battles. Many foodies want to emulate their favorite chefs on these cooking competitions. While some at home creations can be gigantic fails, this digital series aims to help the home cook. From tricks to culinary tips, the home chef could be on her way to the perfect sous vide protein or a beautifully composed plate.

Will you be watching the new season of Iron Chef Gauntlet? Do you think that a new Iron Chef will be crowned at the end of the season? Share your thoughts with FoodSided.