Share your food story: Join the FoodSided team


Do you have a favorite food? Does everyone say that you are the best cook? Share your food story with the FoodSided team.

Photo by Cristine Struble

For many people, food is love. It might sound cheesy, corny or another adjective of your choice. Still, food brings people around a table. From the daily family dinner to huge gathering, food can evoke all types of memories. Would you be willing to share your food story?

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FoodSided welcomes everyone to share a food story. From the favorite restaurant in your hometown to a food memory that has impacted your life. Like other FanSided sites, our site is about being a fan, in this case a fan of food.

Before anyone brushes off this idea, let me ask you a question. Did you take a photo of you last dinner out? What about that special cocktail from girls’ night out? Or, maybe you captured a great moment at this weekend’s food festival. Any of these items show that you have a food story. Take that experience and share it with FoodSided.

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When it comes to food, everyone has an opinion. Some people can’t stand mustard but love ketchup on everything. What about the ever divisive beans or no beans in chili? The debate over the best style of pizza, thin, deep dish or New York style can be tossed around for decades.

Our site is always looking for people who want to share their love of food with others. From grandma’s lasagna recipe to the hottest restaurant trend, FoodSided wants to hear about it and encourages you to write it. Anyone can apply to write for FoodSided. Just visit this link.

Share your love of food and food story with others. You might discover a new flavor, food trend or kitchen hack that could be a lifesaver. Who’s ready to join us at the table?