Pizza Hut Pie Tops return for March Madness


From bracket busters to epic wins, March Madness is on everyone’s mind. Luckily, Pizza Hut Pie Tops return for another epic year.

During March Madness, no one wants to miss a minute of the game. From the buzzer beater to the blowout win, both basketball fans and non-fans are glued to all the games. No one wants to break away from the action to order food. Luckily Pizza Hut Pie Tops have returned again this year.

Pie Tops are a collaboration between Shoe Surgeon and Pizza Hut, the Official Pizza of NCAA March Madness. This special sneaker is “the first-and-only shoe ever created that orders pizza at the push of a button.” No need to leave the couch, barstool or lucky chair during the game with the help of these sneakers.

Pizza Hut® unveils the Pie Tops II sneakers that order pizza and pause the game with the push of a button (PRNewsfoto/Pizza Hut)

Last year, Pie Tops were introduced during March Madness. This new version has some added special features to make the sneakers more desirable to March Madness watchers. The biggest addition is the sneakers ability to pause live television. With a touch of a button inside the shoe, the game goes to pause. Whether answering the door for pizza delivery or a much needed bathroom break, no one will miss a minute of the basketball action.

Second, the Pie Tops are now available in two colors. The colors are red and wheat. Representing both the Pizza Hut logo and the classic pizza sauce, the red is bright and bold. The wheat is an on-trend color as well as a reference to the classic pizza crust.

The pizza references don’t stop at the color scheme. According to Pizza Hut and Shoe Surgeon, the Pizza Hut Pie Tops have “extreme marinara splash, cheese grater mesh, branded Pizza Hut lace tags, and extra “cheese pull” laces.” The pizza references in the shoe are creative, but could have there been more pizza influence?

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Looking at the Pie Tops, these sneakers seem to appeal to the classic pizza lovers, specifically the plain cheese fans. Where are the references to some of the favorite pizza toppings? For example, pepperoni details for the meat lovers or mushroom accents for the veggie fans. These ideas don’t even touch on the thin crust versus thick crust debate. So many pizza combinations could make these pop culture sneakers even more special.

Pizza fans needs a little bit of luck to get these limited edition sneakers. Only 50 pairs of Pizza Hut Pie Tops will be able for sale. Starting the week of March 19, the limited edition sneakers will be able on To learn more about how to purchase these special sneakers, follow @PizzaHut and @Hypebeast for details.

Would you want a pair of Pizza Hut Pie Tops? These sneakers could make our March Madness party planning a whole lot easier.