POWERADE: Putting the POWER into your sports performance


Who says that there isn’t a little levity in sports competitions? Would your sports performance have been more epic with a little POWER from POWERADE?

As everyone prepares their brackets for March Madness, some people reminiscence on what could have been. What if he had that epic moment of greatness? What could have made the difference back in the day? POWERADE doesn’t want anyone to have that nostalgic moment of regret. With the re-launched POWERADE, everyone can have the POWER in their sports performance.

POWERADE “That’s Some Kind of Power” photo provided by POWERADE

The official sports drink of the NCAA, POWERADE is using the annual March Madness tournament as a vehicle to launch the company’s new brand platform. While the sport drink has been a favorite with athletes, weekend warriors and a variety other consumers, the new messaging highlights the POWER in the sports drink with a bit of humor and levity.

With its first spot, “Ankles” the bodega owner rewrites his basketball memories with the help of the sports drink. The “what if” scenario is completely relatable by anyone. From the old school, former athlete who remembers his glory days to the younger athlete wishing for the ultimate do-over, the “what if” scenario is a game many of people play.

The bodega owner is the every man. Although everyone may not have a bodega on the corner, everyone has someone like this gentleman in their lives. Jason McAlpin, Senior Brand Manager, POWERADE says, “he’s that uncle…who maybe – just maybe – was as good as he says he was. Regardless of age, we all have a character like this in our life, who might have been the most powerful dude in the neighborhood, back in his day.” That guy could have made the game winning shot or the epic slam dunk. Even though his moment of glory has passed, he is happy to remind you of his sports “moment.”

While the “ankles” story is a little over the top, the humor in the message is key to the success. True, it sounds like the bodega owner is telling another infamous yarn with extreme hyperbole, his point has validity. With the help of the powerful sports drink, he could have been a better basketball player, he could have achieved more greatness; he could have had that power. The idea is for all people, athletes, weekend warriors and regular people, to feel empowered to do more.

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The key for this messaging is that POWERADE is “That’s Some Kind of Power.” By fueling up with the sports drink, people have the power to be and do more than before. The power comes from the brand’s proprietary blend of ION4 Technology.

According to Jason McAplin, Senior Brand Manager, POWERADE, the sports drinks helps to replace “four electrolytes lost in sweat – sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.” Additionally, the sports drink’s formula features Vitamin B and energy providing carbohydrates. These ingredients help athletes “power through the hardest workouts.”

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Just as the brand name states, POWERADE is now focusing on the empowering the athlete throughout the athletic performance. The new ad campaign shows a shift in tone. The powerful moments in sports, on any level, aren’t just post performance. From the preparation to the recovery, the brand wants to be part of the total sports conversation. This shift allows the brand to have a more authentic conversation with the consumer.

In today’s sports driven world, everyone is looking to achieve their personal best. From the better workout plan to the superior sports athlete, finding the power in the performance is key. No one wants to be looking back like the bodega owner, wondering what could have been.

Still, all sports, whether ultra-competitive or that pick-up basketball game should be fun. Alex Ames, S. IMC Manager, POWERADE said “at the end of the day, sports should be fun.” This campaign seeks to empower the athlete at any level. The seriousness and severity is replaced with the concept that brought to people to sports, the enjoyment of play while still performing at an optimum level.

Throughout March Madness, POWERADE will feature these spots focusing on the concept “That’s Some Kind of Power.” This branding concept will continue into future sporting events like FIFA and POWERADE Jam Fest at McDonald’s All-American Game.

Do you have a sports moment that could have been better with a little POWER? Put the POWER into your sporting endeavors with POWERADE and make those memorable sporting moments even more epic.