Show-stopping cakes: Food Network’s Vegas Cakes showcase edible art


Cake isn’t just a simple sheet with some buttercream icing. Food Network’s Vegas Cakes creates edible art that impresses every time.

Growing up a birthday cake was a big deal, but it was simple. The biggest decorating decision was what color the icing flowers would be. Today’s bakeries create edible art. On Food Network’s Vegas Cakes, these show-stopping cakes are truly impressive.

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Back for its second season, Vegas Cakes creates cakes that are beyond impressive. With the glitz of Las Vegas in its backyard, the bakery embraces the extravagance of its home city. According to Courtney White, Senior Vice President, Programming, Food Network, Travel Channel and Cooking Channel. “Vegas Cakes delivers straight to viewers’ homes a first-hand look at the masterful creativity and magic of Freed’s culinary creations that embody their vibrant hometown.”

Food Network’s Vegas Cakes (PRNewsfoto/Food Network)

While the majority of viewers aren’t able to order one of these pieces of edible art, the program can serve to inspire the home baker. Of course, the home baker may not be able to create the pinball cake. Still, the home baker can borrow some of the cake’s elements.

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For example, that particular pinball cake’s color scheme could easily be incorporated into a kid’s birthday cake. Also, the idea of cut-outs and fun lettering can be duplicated by the home baker. With the help of the right baking tools, the home baker can embrace the creativity aspect.

Companies like Wilton offer all types of products to help the home baker embrace her creativity. Fondant tools can help create the cutouts. Also, colored candy melts can add decorative items to the cake. With a little trial and error, the home baker can create some impressive cakes.

For the food fan, just watching Season 2 of Vegas Cakes can be memorizing. The attention to detail on these cakes is quite impressive. For almost 60 years, Freed’s Bakery has been a Las Vegas tradition. Based on these show-stopping cakes, Freed’s Bakery will be around for another 60 years or more.

Art isn’t just for hanging on a wall. Check out the edible art from Freed’s Bakery on the new season of Vegas Cakes. Just don’t watch when you’re craving a piece of cake.