Snack time flavor mash-up showdown: Salty & sweet versus double cheddar


From the mid-afternoon craving to the anytime hunger buster, snacks are a must. Which snack time flavor mash-up is a more satisfying choice?

While often debated, snack time is a favorite pastime. Of course, some people will always opt for the healthy choices like fruits and vegetables. Still, the other snack options are will always be popular. Eating the same snacks day in and out makes for a boring food story. With snack hour quickly approaching, FoodSided put two classic flavor combinations to a showdown, salty and sweet versus double cheddar.

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Recently, Cheez-Its released its Cheez-Its Duoz, which combine the classic Cheez-Its with other favorite snacks. The two flavors are Cheez-Its Double Cheddar, featuring cheddar jack Cheez-Its and sharp cheddar pretzels, and Cheez-Its salty/sweet combination featuring caramel popcorn and cheddar Cheez-Its. With a bowl of each, FoodSided got down to testing. Which snack flavor mash-up would reign supreme?

Snack time mash-up, photo by Cristine Struble

Truthfully, this snack showdown comes down to personal preference. Both snack options are quite good, which means that we ate a lot of snacks one afternoon. Depending on your snacking mood, either of the Cheez-Its Duozs make for a tasty treat.

Snack time mash-up, photo by Cristine Struble

If I had to choose just one of the Cheez-Its Duoz to have in the house, it would be the salty/sweet combination with caramel popcorn. The flavor combination reminds me of the Chicago mix popcorn, which less sticky cheese dust residue on your fingers. While the ratio of Cheez-Its to popcorn is around 3 to 1, that combination is the perfect bite. The caramel popcorn is sweet, but not overly super sweet. With the classic Cheez-Its, the combination is surprisingly addictive. Truthfully, the bowl was empty before I knew it.

The other Cheez-Its Duoz, featuring the sharp cheddar pretzels, was the more popular choice for my guy taste testers. This flavor combination offers a stronger cheese taste. With a big crunch, this snack is seems more filling. For me, a couple of handfuls left me satisfied.

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The idea of the Cheez-Its Duoz was a smart new product decision. Who hasn’t created this type of snack mash-up? By offering in a quick, grab and go packing, it is a great item to have for a party or just ready in the pantry for a snack attack.

Snack time mash-up, photo by Cristine Struble

It will be interesting to see if Cheez-Its would continue to expand the Duoz line. Many types of flavor mash-ups are possible. It would be nice to see a spicy combination, for example using a Tabasco flavor. Also, a combination with some crunchy nuts could be a smart choice, too. Again, the possibilities for expansion are many.

The Cheez-Its Duoz are available at many major retailers. The snacks can be found in the aisle with other Cheez-Its products.

What’s the snack time showdown consensus, salty and sweet or double cheddar? Both boxes are empty, so I guess that the answer is to buy some more snacks and continue the debate.