Incredible Egg unveils 2018 Commemorative Egg for Annual White House Easter Egg Roll


Easter and eggs go hand and hand. The Incredible Egg unveiled the 2018 Commemorative Egg for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

Eggs and Easter are an infamous pairing. From the dyeing eggs to the Annual White House Easter Egg Roll, many people associate Easter with eggs. The Incredible Egg uses the season to celebrate the egg in all its glory.

Did you know that 2.7 billion eggs are sold during the Easter season? Yes, that number is trillion. That huge number breaks down to the average American consuming 279 eggs per year. While many of those eggs are consumed during the Easter holiday, the egg is more than the Easter bunny’s preferred item to hide.

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Incredible Egg unveils 2018 Commemorative Egg for Annual White House Easter Egg Roll, photo by Gary Gantert, Gary Gantert Photography

Although many households hold Easter egg hunts, the annual White House Easter Egg Roll is a little different. The Egg Roll portion of the event is a race where children use a long-handled spoon to push the egg across the grass. The day is filled with other activities as well. Kids and families participate in egg hunting, egg decorating and enjoying EggPops. EggPops are hard-boiled eggs served on sticks or on carrots. The snack is served with various dips and seasonings.

While the kids enjoy the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, another special egg plays a part in the festivities. Commissioned by the American Egg Board, the Annual Easter Egg Roll Commemorative design is a gift presented to the First Lady. The annual, handcrafted gift is presented on behalf of America’s egg farmers.

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According to American Egg Board president and CEO Anne L. Alonzo, the annual “Commemorative Egg design is personalized to the first lady’s personality, interests and known style preferences.” The 2018 design, titled “Wings of Prayer.” This year’s artist was conveyed First Lady Melania Trump’s elegance in the “ornate nature of the design, which is adorned in rhinestones.” The design features angel wings that open to “expose an intricate scene with a handmade bridge where, if you look closely, you can see a Koi fish swimming in the water beneath.”

While not stated by Ms. Alonzo or the American Egg Board, this design has a sense of both serenity and fragility. The soft pink tones play off the delicate teals. With angel wings revealing the scene inside the egg, there is a sense of protection as well as hope for happy times. The Koi fish swimming could reference the ideal that koi are a symbol of love and friendship.

Incredible Egg unveils 2018 Commemorative Egg for Annual White House Easter Egg Roll, photo by Gary Gantert, Gary Gantert Photography

Overall, this design seems very appropriate given the world’s current climate. Whether you believe in prayer or not, the desire for serenity, love and friendship could make everyone’s lives a little better. Everyone, including the First Lady, could benefit from the “Wings of Prayer.”

The tradition of presenting a Commemorative Egg goes back to 1977 when both Amy and Rosalynn Carter were presented with an egg. Each year, the custom designed egg reflects “the passions and public interest of America’s first ladies and their respective favorite pastimes, like reading, and personal color preferences,” says Alonzo. Looking back at previous designs, each one tells a story while still staying true to the recipient.

This 41 year old tradition is a lovely way to highlight the American egg farmers, American Egg Board and the First Lady of the United States. These intricate, yet delicate designs, have many of us re-thinking the Incredible Egg. Maybe kids egg creations won’t be quite as elaborate, but they can have fun with the decorating process. Just like an egg dish can be more than just scrambled or fried eggs.

This Easter season take a moment to think about all those eggs. From the Annual White House Easter Egg Roll and its 2018 Commemorative Egg to the numerous eggs consumed during this season, a moment of gratitude to those egg farmers might be in order.