Cubs fans cheer new limited edition EFFEN Vodka Chicago Cubs bottle


Curses have been banished and Cubs fans are ready to cheer more victories. The 2018 season kicks off with a limited edition EFFEN Vodka Chicago Cubs bottle.

Even though the Chicago Cubs didn’t bring home another World Series victory last year, Cubs fans have plenty to celebrate. From banishing the curse to huge developments in the Wrigleyville area, Chicago Cubs are ready to have a good time. EFFEN Vodka just announced the limited edition EFFEN Vodka Cubs bottle.

new limited edition EFFEN Vodka Chicago Cubs bottle, photo provided by EFFEN Vodka

Available for the 2018 season, the limited edition EFFEN Vodka Cubs bottle is a must have for Cubs fans. This year’s bottle is the second iteration of the limited edition bottle. The 2018 bottle is a custom –branded bottle sleeve. It has the icon Chicago Cubs team logo predominantly displayed.

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EFFEN Vodka is available at bar carts throughout Wrigley Field. While the clean, crisp vodka is enjoyable straight, it can be quite delightful in a cocktail. To offer a refreshing, crisp cocktail for Cubs Fans, EFFEN Vodka will be serving EFFEN Mule cocktails throughout Wrigley Field this season.

For Cubs fans who can’t make it to Wrigley Field, EFFEN Vodka has provided its EFFEN Mule recipe to enjoy at your own Opening Day celebration. Here’s how to make it.

"EFFEN Mule1 part EFFEN Vodka2 parts ginger beerJuice of 1/2 limeMethod: Squeeze lime half into a glass or copper mug filled with crushed ice, and drop in the squeezed lime. Add vodka and ginger beer and stir."

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Mules are quite popular. Even if you don’t have a copper mug at he, you can still enjoy a mule. Even this recipe for the EFFEN Mule can be modified based on personal tastes. Some fresh blueberries or a splash of cranberry can add some Chicago Cubs colors to the classic cocktail. A little creativity behind the bar is always a good idea.

Since EFFEN Vodka is so clean and smooth, it can highlight cocktail flavors, like the mule ingredients. The citrus is bright and the ginger offers a tang. The clean, crisp taste is perfect for a baseball game or just an afternoon in the sunshine.

The limited edition EFFEN Vodka Chicago Cubs is available in Chicago and surrounding areas. The suggested retail price is $21.99.

Could the Chicago Cubs be on their way to another World Series victory this season? Cubs fans will raise a glass of EFFEN Vodka in anticipation of a great season.