Sourdough King: Burger, sandwich or just a silly food debate


Burger King wants an answer to a huge food debate. Is the new Sourdough King a burger or a sandwich?

Fast food restaurants are always looking to add new menu items to entice more guests to visit. Burger King is introducing the new Sourdough King to its menus. But, the new menu addition isn’t getting all the attention. Instead, Burger King wants to know if its new menu item is a burger or a sandwich.

Sourdough King: Burger, sandwich or just a silly food debate, photo Burger King

The newest Burger King menu item is the Sourdough King. According to the restaurant, it features “made with more than ½ lb.* of legendary, flame-grilled 100% beef, melted American cheese, crispy bacon, freshly sliced onions & creamy signature sauce.”

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Based on the description, this new menu item seems similar to a patty melt. The combination of onions, sauce and burger on a bread sounds a lot like a patty melt. Based on the picture, the onions don’t appear to be grilled. With these flavor combinations, a grilled onion might have offer a better balanced bite. Although, it might not be practical for a fast food restaurant to serve grilled onions.

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The option to have a toasted bun is a nice choice. Sometimes fast food buns are just too squishy. Hopefully, the toasted sourdough adds a little texture to the Sourdough King.

With this new menu item, Burger King is igniting an old debate. Is the Sourdough King a burger or a sandwich? Merriam Webster defines burger (hamburger) as “a sandwich consisting of a patty of hamburger in a split typically round bun.” Based on this definition, a burger can be a sandwich but a sandwich isn’t necessarily a burger. Truthfully, this definition only fuels the debate. Could it all just be a matter of opinion?

Do you want to weigh in on this debate? Take to social media with the hashtags #teamburger or #teamsanwich and tag @BurgerKing with your response.

Which team do you support or does it matter? Maybe the better question is, will you try the new Burger King Sourdough King?