Candy Land filled with Werther’s comes to life on Santa Monica Pier


It’s a food fantasy come true. Werther’s Original is creating a real life CANDY LAND on Santa Monica Pier.

CANDY LAND has been a classic family board game. While a family game night classic, who didn’t fantasy about that game becoming a reality. Now candy lovers’ dreams have come true. Just in time for National Caramel Day, Werther’s Original is transforming Santa Monica Pier into a real life candy land.

Caramel Castle: Candy Land comes to life, photo provided by Werther’s Original

For just one day only, Thursday, April 5, Santa Monica Pier will become a caramel inspired dream. The collaboration between Werther’s Original and HASBRO turns fantasy into reality with CANDY LAND: The Werther’s Caramel Edition Game. This life-size game has game participants journey through four caramel-themed lands. It’s definitely time to take the caramel path on a sweet journey.

While this special pop-up candy world may not have edible walls, the caramel experience will be a sugar dream. According to Werther’s the confectionary real life board game will feature “participants will adventure through the Caramel Popcorn Mountains, snap photos in the Werther’s Woods, fish for caramel treats in the Caramel Crème Lagoon and then stop to try their favorite Werther’s Original sweets at the Caramel Castle.”

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The idea of a real life confectionary board game is an intriguing one. This type of pop-up experience is perfect for anyone who has a sweet tooth. Candy brings a sense of fun, enjoyment and the carefree moments of childhood. Who wouldn’t want to take a break from the real world and step into a confectionary wonderland?

National Caramel Day is a perfect time for Werther’s to plan such an entertaining event. By using the 100 year old Santa Monica Pier as the candy land pop-up, the whole experience brings a sense of nostalgia. From the classic family game night board game to the classic caramel brand, the event creates a perfect pairing for the whole family to enjoy.

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For foodies, caramel has increased in popularity over the years. Werther’s has both kept its classic, old-world approach to caramel while embracing food trends. According to Meredith Suffron, director of Marketing at Werther’s Original, the company has “expanded our brand to have 10 varieties of caramel products to enjoy. From caramel classics such as hard, chewy, soft, creamy filled, sugar free and caramel popcorn to caramel flavor combinations including apple, coffee, cocoa and vanilla. We think these flavors pair perfectly with the sweet caramel taste.”

Something about the caramel flavor that has a broad reaching appeal. The sweetness is satisfying yet not cloyingly sweet. Now with the new flavors, the variety has caramel fans coming back time and again without becoming bored with the taste, texture or type. From just the caramel treat on its own or using caramels in cooking, caramel is a kitchen essential.

For those lucky enough to be in Southern California on April 5, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the CANDY LAND: The Werther’s Caramel Edition Game at Santa Monica Pier. And, if you can’t make the real life confectionary world, caramel fans can visit for an online version. Available through April, this online platform will offer a digital version of the board game and other fun Werther’s facts.

Don’t let National Caramel Day go pass without at least enjoying a piece of Werther’s Original.