Fuel your day with protein packed breakfasts that are baked to perfection


Starting your day with protein packed breakfasts is easier than you think. Pancakes, muffins and more can keep you fueled throughout the day.

Everyone knows that a good, hearty breakfast is key to fueling your day. Even in this quick, grab and go world, a protein packed breakfast doesn’t have to be difficult. With Kodiak Cakes, a delicious, baked to perfection protein packed breakfasts can start the day right.

Fuel your day with protein packed breakfasts are baked to perfection, photo by Cristine Struble

Let’s be honest, breakfast can be hectic for many families. Whether heading to work, school or the weekend activities, breakfast needs to be easy and fast. Still, a bowl of full of sugary, carbs isn’t necessarily the best option. Protein can help fuel the day and keep you energized.

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Still, kids may not want to sit down to a plate of scrambled eggs. A plate of pancakes or tasty muffin is often preferred to that plate of eggs and fruit. Luckily there is a solution that appeases everyone, Kodiak Cakes.

Kodiak Cakes are a brand of pancakes, waffles and muffin mixes. Unlike other mixes, Kodiak Cakes is made with 100% whole grains and 14 grams of protein per serving. A bigger protein boost can happen by adding milk and milk and eggs. In total, those favorite baked treats can have 21 grams of protein, which can keep anyone fueled and ready for the day.

Available in several flavors, the Kodiak Cakes mixes mean that the family can have a different flavor almost every day of the week. From classic buttermilk on Monday to a new Almond Poppy Seed flavor on Friday, everyone can find a favorite that appeals to their taste buds.

The Almond Poppy Seed flavor has become a favorite in our household. A slightly sweet taste, the Almond Poppy Seed works with a variety of toppings. One choice that I have come to enjoy is fresh berries with a dollop of lemon curd. The tang from the lemon curd with the sweetness of the berries blends well with the Almond Poppy Seed flavor.

Most important, these pancakes and waffles always turn out light and fluffy. Sometimes people expect protein dense foods to heavy, but Kodiak Cakes aren’t. Whether you enjoy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup or waffles loaded with fruit, each and every bite is a delight.

Another reason why Kodiak Cakes are great to have in the house is because the standard mix can be used in other ways too. For example, the brand’s muffin mixes can be used for pancakes and vice versa. For example, the lemon blueberry muffin mix is a delightful bright and tart bite. The lemon is just enough and the blueberry offers a hint of sweetness.

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Also, these protein muffins are perfect grab and go bites on a busy morning. Just a few bites can keep energy levels up. Most importantly, the muffin is super tasty. It is hard to limit yourself to just one.

While we try to have a few different Kodiak Cakes flavors in the house, the classic buttermilk flavor is always in the pantry. From a pancake in a cup to a quick Nutella cake dessert, the versatility of this mix makes it a pantry staple. Because it is such a good base flavor, it makes for fun baking experimentation.

Are you ready to start your day with protein packed breakfasts baked to perfection? Look no further than Kodiak Cakes. One bite and you’ll be hooked.