Five easy breakfasts in a cup that aren’t a bowl of cereal


While breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, everyone wants a quick and easy breakfast option. These five easy breakfasts can get you going in minutes.

Mornings can often be hectic. Easy breakfasts are a must for anyone. Whether the kids need a hearty breakfast before school or mom needs a quick bite before work, easy breakfast can make the day go more smoothly. While a bowl of cereal, protein bar or other grab and go options are common, breakfast in a bowl can be more. In the same amount of time, these five easy breakfasts in a cup can make your day start on the right path.

Five easy breakfasts in a cup that aren’t cereal, photo by Cristine Struble


Did you know that you can make pancakes in a bowl? Instead of breaking out the griddle or heating up a frozen pancake, pancakes in a bowl are a great choice. This type of easy breakfast needs a little experimenting. Once you have a favorite recipe/combination, it is fast and can offer lots of variety.

One way that I use pancakes in a bowl is with Kodiak Cakes buttermilk pancake mix. My ratio is ¼ cup mix to 4 tablespoons of water. That combination is heated in the microwave for 1 minute 20 seconds in a microwave safe bowl. Once ready, I can top the combination with anything from fruit to syrup.

The great part of this type of easy breakfast is that it can vary the toppings to avoid boredom. A variety of fresh fruit can add both a nutritional and flavor boost. Just watch how much syrup that the kids use. No one wants to turn breakfast into a sugar-heavy start to the day.

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Scrambled eggs/omelet

Making scrambled eggs or an omelet in a cup is very easy. Simply scramble the egg and heat in the microwave. The simple concept can be used as an omelet too by adding additional ingredients. Some peppers, ham or cheese can make the breakfast heartier.
One item to watch is the cooking time. No one wants to have egg splatter all over the microwave. Smaller, short increments to cook the eggs seem to work best.

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French Toast

French toast is always a popular breakfast. But, who wants to spend dirty all those pans and dishes? French toast in a cup is a simple, easy breakfast.
First butter the inside of a cup. Second, butter a piece of bread and tear it into pieces. A thicker bread seems to work better (also a raisin bread is a great choice). Third, pour a custard (scrambled eggs, a little milk/cream and some vanilla or cinnamon) over the torn bread. Heat in the microwave for 1 minute and then continue heating for 30 second increments until cooked.
The whole process takes about 5 minutes and the family has French toast ready to eat.


Just like pancakes, muffins in a cup are super easy to make. The key is to find a mix, like Kodiak Cakes, that doesn’t require a whole package of 12+ muffins to be made at once. Kodiak Cakes has a variety of muffin mixes that work just like the pancake mixes.

Also, if you don’t want to figure out your own recipe using the mixes, Kodiak Cakes sells convenient single serving mix, cook and serve varieties. Available where you find Kodiak Cakes, this version takes all the guess work out of the process. Simple follow directions and a hot muffin is ready in minutes.

Plus, the Kodiak Cakes muffins are packed with protein. This type of breakfast will keep everyone fueled for the whole day.

Overnight oatmeal

For a while, overnight oatmeal has become a popular breakfast food. Steel cut oatmeal made the night before is such an easy breakfast. A quick search on Pinterest or your favorite recipe site can produce a plethora options.

Another added benefit to overnight oatmeal is the ability to boost the nutritional value of easy breakfasts. From fruit to nuts to chia seeds, the nutritional and flavor options are many. Plus, the recipes are so tasty everyone isn’t thinking about the health benefits.

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These five easy breakfasts are simple ideas which offer a boost in a morning routine. Do you have a favorite easy breakfast that can be made in a cup? Share your idea in the comments section or tag us with #FoodSided with the recipe.