Glitter gum: Ice Breakers sparkles with Summer Snow Cone ICE CUBES


Get your sparkle on with glitter gum. Ice Breakers is making the summer sparkle with ICE CUBES Glitter Gum Summer Snow Cone.

The gum aisle is about to get some summer sparkle. Ice Breakers just announced that it will be offering a new glitter gum. The Ice Breakers ICE CUBES Glitter Gum Summer Snow Cone encourages everyone to break through the ordinary and sparkle.

Glitter gum: Ice Breakers adds a little sparkle with Summer Snow Cone ICE CUBES, photo provided by Ice Breakers

This new Ice Breakers flavor is the brand’s take on the glitter food trend. So far this year, glitter food has been everywhere. While rainbow and unicorn food hasn’t disappeared, glitter seems to be on trend. Adding edible glitter to gum is a smart choice.

The ICE CUBES Summer Snow Cone will be the first glitter-sprinkled gum available in the U.S. Set to hit store shelves on April 15, each gum cube will have a dusting of edible glitter. It is the company’s first limited time Ice Breakers product.

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According to Nathan Johnson, Brand Manager, Ice Breakers, “consumers are looking for extra sparkle in every day items – whether it’s what they’re eating, drinking or wearing. Ice Breakers Glitter Gum gives consumers the added glittery flair to push their swagger over-the-top.”

The Summer Snow Cone flavor is said to be an “icy, cherry snow cone flavor.” This bright, yet sweet, gum flavor should be a refreshing taste on a warm, summer day. While the glitter adds the sparkle, the edible glitter doesn’t affect the taste.

This new limited edition gum should have a potentially large audience. While Ice Breakers has a strong following because of its bold mint flavor, the new glittery gum could appeal to a different audience. The gum could become an accessory or a great photo op. So many people want fun and this particular gum embraces those exciting moments.

Are you ready to break through the ordinary and sparkle? Try the new Ice Breakers ICE CUBES Summer Snow Cone glitter gum. It could be the spark that you need to make your life a little more special.