Better than chimichangas: Mike’s HARDER launches Deadpool partnership


What’s Deadpool’s beverage of choice with this favorite chimichangas? Mike’s HARDER. This new partnership is definitely a bold beverage choice.

Some pairs are perfect duos. Chips and salsa, bacon and eggs or Mike’s HARDER and Deadpool. That’s right a new perfect duo is ready to make their big debut. Just as Deadpool 2 prepares to unleash its sarcastic, irreverent humor in theaters, fans will have something new to sip. Mike’s HARDER is joining forces with the anti-hero, Deadpool.

Have you ever wonder what Wayne Wilson’s preferred beverage would be? Let’s be honest, it probably isn’t a glass of everyone’s favorite rose. The character is brash, unapologetic and real. His drink isn’t going to be cocktail with 20 ingredients or a heavy stout. The bold, yet easy going, flavors of HARDER make it a perfect pairing for everyone’s favorite snarky hero.

With Deadpool 2 about to be in theaters, fans are ready to connect with the unlikely hero. The collaboration between the two brands is a smart one. Anyone who has enjoyed a HARDER beverage knows that the flavor is bright and bold, but the drink doesn’t weigh you down. Whether you’re going to be kicking down doors like Wayne Wilson or kicking back with friends, HARDER is an epic choice.


& Deadpool partnership, photo provided by Mike’s HARDER

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As fans know, Wayne Wilson’s favorite hangout is iconic Sister Margaret’s School for Wayward Girls. What better way to celebrate the new movie and the new partnership than with a special pop-up experience. That’s right, fans in New York City and Los Angeles will get to experience HARDER adaptation of Sister Margaret’s Pop-up Experiences.

These two pop-up experiences will be at Alligator Lounge in New York City on April 26-28, from 7 PM – 11:30 PM and Slipper Clutch in Los Angeles on May 10-12 from 7 PM – 11:30 PM. The pop-ups will offer some of Wayne’s favorite foods, like pizza for the New York City location and chimichangas for the Los Angeles location.

If you aren’t in these two cities, don’t fret. You too can create your own Deadpool 2 experience with 12 limited edition cans of HARDER. These special commemorative have phrases that you know are Deadpool-approved. From “Not your grandma’s sauce” to “Nice cans,” this limited-edition collectible packaging is going to be a hot item for fans. Personally, my grandma might have enjoyed a HARDER or two after a long day teaching at St. Marys.

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Are you ready to find a new taste of adventure? Grab a Mike’s HARDER and go watch Deadpool 2. Don’t worry my grandma approved.