Love the buzz: Häagen-Dazs free cone day supports the bees


I scream, you scream, we all scream for Häagen-Dazs free cone day. This year’s event has even more buzz because it’s for the bees.

For 10 years, Häagen-Dazs free cone day has been a free pass to indulge in a creamy, satisfying ice cream cone. This year’s celebration is more than a delicious ice cream event. On May 8, it is time to love the buzz because the celebration supports the bees.

Love the buzz: Häagen-Dazs free cone day supports the bees, photo provided by Häagen-Dazs

Take a look around at the refrigerator, dinner table or lunch box. At least 1/3 of all our food is dependent on bees. Those busy pollinators are essential for crops. Unfortunately, bees are quickly disappearing. Climate change, pesticides and changes to habitat have caused the bee population to plummet.

Since “⅓ of Häagen-Dazs flavors are bee dependent,” the ice cream company wanted to bring more awareness to the bees plight on free cone day. The company has donated “1M for bee research and planted more than 11,000 plants.” Its commitment to growing bee-friendly habitats ensures the survival not just the company’s delicious ice cream but also all the other crops.

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Of course, people are learning about the bee’s plight because of the annual free cone day celebration. On Tuesday, May 8 from 4-8 p.m., participating Häagen-Dazs shops will be serving guests “one free scoop of ice cream or sorbet in a cup, sugar cone or cake cone.” Please use the store finder to locate a location near you.

Since the brand wants guests to be educated about the plight of the bees, consider trying one of the bee-dependent ice cream flavors. Favorites like rocky road, strawberry and vanilla Swiss almond are all dependent on those mighty bees.

My personal choice for ice cream choice would be the white chocolate raspberry truffle. The creamy ice cream studded with chocolate pieces and surrounded with raspberry has been a personal favorite. My recommendation is to get it in a sugar cone. The sweet, crunchy cone offers a bit of texture to the rich, smooth ice cream.

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Don’t miss the annual free cone day celebration Häagen-Dazs. More importantly, learn about and support the bees. Without those busy pollinators our favorite foods might start disappearing.