Flip Wahlburgers with Donnie: Boston Airbnb social impact experience


Wonder what is the secret to wahl sauce? The new Boston Airbnb social impact experience can have you flipping Wahlburgers with Donnie Wahlberg.

Travel is more than just a vacation. Airbnb social impact experience offers guests special, unique opportunities to explore a city and create once in a lifetime travel memories. A new offering from the travel company has Wahlburger fans and foodies booking this newest travel experience. Who’s ready to flip Wahlburgers with Donnie Wahlberg?

Airbnb is offering a new Boston experience for travelers. Curated by Donnie Wahlberg, this Airbnb experience will have guests seeing Boston through Wahlberg’s eyes. This type of travel experience isn’t about seeing the major tourist stops. Instead it is about experiencing the city through the eyes of a local.

Flip Wahlburgers with Donnie, a Boston Airbnb Social impact experience, photo provided by Marcin Cymmer

According to Wahlberg, “Boston is so much a part of my story. It is where I grew up. It will always be home.” That season of pride and connection to the city makes this particular experience unique. Whether it is an out of the way restaurant or a special little story, this type of program gives immerses people into the city’s culture.

Some stops will include some of his favorite places. Of course, the experience wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Wahlburgers. While the family’s secret recipe to Wahl sauce won’t be divulged, Walhburg is ready to show guests how to flip some burgers.

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Since this event is part of the Social Impact Experience, 100 percent of what guests pay goes to the Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester. Walhberg said these “clubs provide a safe place for kids, giving them a sense of belonging and purpose, just as one of the Dorchester Boys Club did for my brother Mark and I growing up.

The special Wahlberg experience isn’t the only Airbnb social experience. Other locals have their own versions that guests can book For example, a local food blogger takes guests on a walking tour of Boston’s robust ethnic food scene. From Vietnamese to Trinidadian, the city is bursting with bold flavors.

Also, oysters are an iconic Bostonian food. A founded of a secret supper club will take guests on an oyster shucking tour. From proper shucking techniques to slurping your weight in oysters, this foodie experience will be one to talk about for ages.

Airbnb’s expansion into travel experiences is a smart move. Food travel is a huge trend. People are looking for authentic foods and culture when they travel around. Having local experts as a guide makes the travel experience more authentic.

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Are you ready to book your Airbnb Social Impact experience? I’ve need to get my Wahlburger flipping technique perfected for the summer.