Scotch is coming: Johnnie Walker announced Game of Thrones whiskey


Johnnie Walker wants to ease the delay of a new Game of Thrones season. Yes, scotch is coming before 2019.

Game of Thrones is more than just a popular series; it is part of pop culture. Johnnie Walker has its own brand recognition. Recently, the whiskey seems to be collaborating with the story on a new offering. No winter isn’t coming, but White Walker by Johnnie Walker is.

With just a simple tweet and video, fans of both GOT and the liquor got excited. While no specific details are available, this special liquor collaboration should be a huge hit. Even people who aren’t big scotch drinkers might buy this collaborative beverage just because of the GOT affiliation.

This liquor offering isn’t the first GOT collaboration. Brewery Ommegang offers GOT beers. There are also GOT wines. Numerous people have created GOT cocktails. What could be next on the horizon?

Thinking of other distilled spirits, I think that vodka would be a good choice. An ice cold, vodka shot can bring some fire to your belly. Plus, the vodka could be a great tie-in for some creative cocktails. More importantly, the bottle could be very creative. Maybe the whole bottle could look like a dragon (move over Dan Aykoryd’s Crystal Head vodka and your skull bottle).

While the liquor collaborations seem to be successful, it is curious that GOT doesn’t have any food collaborations. Sure some people may not appreciate mutton or kidney pie, but some pantry staples could get GOT approval. What about a GOT olive oil or maybe some GOT gingerbread cake for the holidays?

Sure the GOT cookbook offers some inspired recipes, but why not continue that theme into the kitchen. Could this type of collaboration encourage people to cook more or to explore more flavors? Maybe and trying new foods, dishes and cuisines is a good thing.

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While Game of Thrones might not be back on television for a while, you can soon drown your sorrows in Johnnie Walker’s White Walker. Hopefully, there will be enough bottles around till 2019.