Pizza and beer delivery: Pizza Hut gives pizza fans what they want


Pizza and beer delivery isn’t a fantasy. Now, Pizza Hut gives pizza fans what they crave, pizza and beer at their doorstep.

Pizza Hut is at it again. Everyone’s favorite food is ready to bring a classic combo directly to your door. Pizza and beer delivery from the iconic pizza chain is expanding. Who’re ready to pop open a cold one and enjoy a slice?

Some food combinations are classics. Pizza and beer are one of those combinations. From movie night to football watching, this food pairing has stood the test of time. With this new convenient delivery service, consumers can satisfy their craving whenever they want.

Previously, Pizza Hut tested the pizza and beer delivery service. This concept appeals to many consumer because people want a seamless food experience. Fewer people are wanting to go to individual stores or make multiple stops. By offering a single ordering point, Pizza Hut is giving consumers what they want and reaping the benefits.

Pizza Hut, pizza and beer delivery expansion, photo provided by Pizza Hut

“Offering beer delivery has enabled us to provide a service to our customers that others cannot, which has proved to be successful during the first few months of the pilot,” Mark Person, owner HOT Pizza, a Pizza Hut franchisee in Arizona.

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Since the pizza giant understands that beer is best served ice cold and pizza is best served piping hot, the company has a special cooler designed to keep the food and beverages at its optimum temperature. No one wants the pizza to get cold while the beer gets chilled. Again, this method is a nod to the consumer experience. Everything is designed to optimize the pizza and beer combination for the consumer.

While this delivery service isn’t nationwide, pizza fans can hope that the program will expand beyond Arizona and California. Of course, local laws and regulations will have to be taken into consideration.

Going into football season, this delivery service could be perfect for football parties. As the official pizza of the NFL, football celebrations are best with both food and beverages. Maybe even a partnership with local beer companies could make for an interesting proposition.

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Would you order pizza and beer delivery from Pizza Hut? I would have my app loaded with my favorite order. Hopefully the service comes to my hometown soon.