Braspberries: A frankenfood that is actually good for you


Who knew Justin Timberlake could create delicious frankenfood. Braspberries could be hitting the grocery store shelves.

Have you had a frankenfood or every heard of braspberries? This new food combination is getting food fans excited. Could a raspberry stuffed with a blueberry really be coming to your grocery store?

A while back Justin Timberlake showed his frankenfood creation, a braspberry on his social media feed. The idea was simple, but genius. Basically it is a raspberry stuffed with a blueberry. It’s like a new age super food.

Not only is a braspberry healthy, it’s rather interesting. Visually it’s rather fun. Unfortunately it’s quite time consuming to create. There is no easy way to get a blueberry into a raspberry. Truthfully you might be left with a lot of smushed fruit.

Driscoll’s, the produce company, shared a picture in their Twitter account of a package braspberries. Could the produce company actually bring this product to market?

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Sure, anything is possible. The process would be difficult and time consuming. I would hate to guess at the cost of a tiny package.

While this frankenfood is cute, it brings up another idea of mixed up fruits. Many foods have been crossed with others to create new combinations. Why couldn’t a company cross a raspberry with a blueberry to create a braspberry. Sure it wouldn’t be a fruit in a fruit, but it would have the same flavor.

While the braspberry is getting the attention, are there other stuffed fruit possibilities? You could stuff a raspberry with a raisin for a raspin. Or, stuff a raspberry with a piece of banana for a raspana. And, my personal favorite, a raspberry stuffed with apple for a rasppple (it would be crunchy and sweet). Of course, these crazy combinations will never happen in real life. But, it could be a fun afternoon of experimenting in the kitchen.

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Would you eat or buy braspberries? Driscoll might be listening? What other frankenfood fruits could be hitting the grocery store shelves?