Are Edible Donuts fruit donuts as satisfying as the real thing?


Edible Donuts are the new fruit donuts. But will those good for you donuts satisfy your donut craving?

Edible Donuts is launching fruit donuts for National Donut Day. As everyone else is enjoying the sweet, doughy confections, some people are opting for a healthier alternative. Could a fruit donut really curb your donut craving?

Edible is known for its delicious and creative fruit arrangements. With the launch of this new donut, the company is taking its brand in a new direction. Instead of being just a gifting treat, this better for you donut is an anytime treat. No special occasion or gifting event is needed.

New Edible® Donut from Edible® now available! (PRNewsfoto/Edible)

This fruit donut is a Granny Smith apple that has been dipped in gourmet chocolate. The donuts are then covered in a variety of toppings. Toppings include “sweet sprinkles, caramelized hazelnut crunch, delicious coconut shavings and almonds.” While the donut sounds similar to the classic treat, it is quite different.

According to Tariq Farid, founder and CEO of Edible®. “Crafting a donut-shaped, chocolate-dipped apple treat is our unique twist on a nostalgic indulgence that our guests can enjoy without total sweet treat guilt.” In today’s health conscious eating world, guilt free treats are a popular choice. But, will a fruit donut satisfy that donut craving?

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Of course, the appearance of this fruit donut looks similar to the original donut. The texture is quite different. Usually, no one would want a crunchy donut. That texture usually means that the donut is stale. In this version, the crunch from the apple is a satisfying bite and texture.

Thinking about this fruit donut, the visual helps to trick the mind. These donuts look like the real thing. Even though the texture is far from a traditional donut, this version is an interesting healthy alternative. The chocolate covering can satisfy that sweet craving. Why not try a fruit donut at least once.

If you want to try a Edible Donut, head to Edible store to enjoy a free one on National Donut Day. Also, from June 2-6, the stores will offer buy one get one free fruit donuts.

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Would you try one of these donuts? I’m not giving up regular donuts but this option might a good option for my non-cheat days.