Vote for Hilton Garden Inn new Sophisticated Bites menu items


Hilton Garden Inn wants your vote. Which of the new Sophisticated Bites menu items should be added to the hotel’s menu?

Hilton Garden Inn knows that traveling is more than just getting to a destination. Travelers are savvy and want more in their traveling experience. The Sophisticated Bites menu appeals to the traveler who enjoys that moment to unwind. Whether it is small bite, craft cocktail or even a sweet treat at the end of the day, these options are meant to give the traveler more when staying at a hotel.

According to John Greenleaf, global head, Hilton Garden Inn. “We are committed to offering guests the simple things that matter.” It may not seem like a lot, but the little details of delicious food and beverage choices can impact a traveler’s hotel choice. Why not listen to guests and give them what they want.

Hilton Garden Inn Sophisticated Bites menu, potential new dish, photo provided by Hilton Garden Inn

Since the company wants to give its guests more of a say, Hilton Garden Inn joined with the Food Network to offer guests the opportunity to vote on new additions to the Sophisticated Bites menu. At Hilton Garden Inn New York/Manhattan-Midtown East kick-off event, Dan Churchill, host of Genius Kitchen’s Feast with Friends, revealed some of the delicious bites that could make the new menu. While Churchill has his favorites, the new potential menu options are quite diverse and on trend.

Right now, everyone can vote for her favorite new menu items at vote at Although I don’t want to influence your vote, a few of the potential new menu items are quite impressive.

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For the small plates options, the brand looked to global cuisine for inspiration. Options like Korean BBQ Bao Tacos and Chipotle BLT Flatbread showcase big, bold flavors. These options are still approachable to the non-foodie. The dishes take a familiar favorite, like a flatbread or a taco, and give it a modern spin. Hopefully, one of these dishes makes the new menu.

Also, the cocktails apply this global approach. The Bittersweet Rum & Coke features Mexican Coke (which has a distinctive flavor). Even the choice of liquors show that the hotel is aware of cocktail trends. For example, the twist on a classic mule, Minty Mule, takes advantage of the mule trend.

Lastly, all of the sweet treats should make the permanent menu. Often travel comes with certain indulgences and dessert is one of them. Although difficult to choose just one option, the Skillet Everything Cookie seems to satisfy every sweet craving. Salty, gooey and crunchy, this over the top dessert is definitely the one to devour.

Skillet Everything Cookie, photo provided by Hilton Garden Inn

By giving guests a say on these potential new menu items, Hilton Garden Inn hopes to bring back guests again and again. Whether the guest stays in the Sunshine State or the Big Apple, the Sophisticated Bites menu can be the familiar, favorite foods that get guests to return. Traveling isn’t always super easy. Knowing that delicious food or a great cocktail is waiting at your destination can make the experience more enjoyable.

Which new items will be added to the Sophisticated Bites menu? Later this summer award-winning actress, director and author, Judy Greer, and Chef Churchill will announce the new additions. Will your favorite make the list? Don’t miss your chance to vote and have your say.

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I have a few favorites and can’t wait to see what other savvy travelers and foodies say. What new menu item would you like Hilton Garden Inn to add?