Papa John’s serves up MVPizzas in honor of MVP James Harden


Papa John’s celebrates MVP James Harden with limited edition MVPizzas. Can you handle this epically awesome pizza, if you can get your hands on one?

To celebrate MVP James Harden, Papa John’s has created MVPizzas. This epic, limited edition speciality pizza celebrated Harden not only in his likeness but also with this season’s accomplishments. While most of us will never know what it is like to have Harden’s basketball talents, a few lucky people will be able to experience the MVPizzas.

According to Papa John’s, this special James Harden pizza features:

"Black olives because of his trademark beardThree-cheese blend because of his league-leading 265 three-pointersJalapeños because of his hot shootingItalian sausage because of his Euro stepExtra sauce because … have you ever watched him play?"

Papa John’s serves up MVPizzas in honor of MVP James Harden, photo provided by Papa John’s

Just looking at the pizza, everyone can see the resemblance. Even the occasional basketball watcher can instantly recognize Harden’s trademark beard in this pizza. While this pizza is a fun promotion, would you want to eat the flavor combination?

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Basically, this pizza is a sausage, black olive and jalapeno pizza. That pizza toppings combination is a good one. The spice from the jalapeños isn’t too overpowering. The black olives add a little saltiness. Lastly, the sausage makes sure that the pizza is hearty. Overall, the flavor combinations are a big win.

While this specialty pizza is a great idea, the MVPizzas are only available at one Houston Papa John’s location. The pizza will be available exclusively at “Papa John’s restaurant at 8588 Westheimer Road in Houston, beginning at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, June 26.”

Plus only 63 pizzas (yes, that number is on purpose) will be available for carryout only. Harden doesn’t travel and neither do these pizzas. Plus, limit one pizza per customer.

Congrats to MVP James Harden. Who’s going order an MVPizza at Papa John’s tomorrow?