Best large cocktails that your whole group can enjoy


Thirsty? The best large cocktails are the perfect way for the entire group to enjoy a night out. Can everyone agree on just one epic cocktail?

The best large cocktails are both big in scale and big in flavor. Whether it is a girls’ night out or a big group of friends, a large cocktail can be a fun way to celebrate. These interactive cocktails are fun but they are also delicious. No funny gimmicky ploy is an excuse for a bad cocktail. Who’s ready to indulge in a little libation?

In Chicago, several popular hotspots have some of the best large cocktails. From fish bowls to endless rosé, there is surely one cocktail that will wet your whistle.

Fish Bowl at LH Rooftop, photo provided by LH Rooftop

LH Rooftop at LondonHouse Chicago

While the 22nd floor bar has an impressive view, the interactive group cocktails might keep everyone’s eyes on the table. While the cocktail flavors are impressive, the glassware is Instagram worthy. While no one should probably drink one of these large-scale cocktails on her own, it can be difficult to order just one. Some of the large cocktails include Fish Bowl, Japanese Manhattan, Spicy Paloma and Playground. With so many options, you have a reason to go back every weekend.

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I|O Godfrey at The Godfrey Hotel Chicago

The indoor/outdoor rooftop bar is the perfect place for groups to gather. Executive Chef Nathaniel Cayer’s creative kitchen cocktails will have the whole group enjoying a festive libation. The Rainbow Sangria is a popular choice. The rainbow ice cubes feature fresh fruit juices and floral extracts. Add a little Grey Goose and Moscoto and everyone will be feeling the rainbow of colors. Maybe the sunset will cooperate and the sky’s colors will mimic the drink.

Howells & Hood

Why have just one glass of rosé when you can have a rosé Beaker? At Howells & Hood, the beakers are filled with the pretty pink wine. Whether you want to sit on the patio or relax inside, these beakers are a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Who’s got their glass ready?


Channeling the old school vibe, Cindy’s at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel offers an Apothecary Service. The large format apothecaries are perfect for big groups. One drink can serve between 10 to 20 people. Whether this stop is the start to an evening or the celebration itself, a large group won’t be able to resist one of these unique cocktails.

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Who’s ready to enjoys some of the best large cocktails? Get that straw ready.