The secret to a perfect sugar cookie is simple


A sugar cookie can melt in your mouth and make you smile. Do you know the secret to making the perfect sugar cookie?

Everyone has a recipe for a sugar cookie. The secret to a perfect sugar cookie can be a hotly debated subject. Some people prefer a sandy cookie and other people prefer a cake like consistency. No matter the texture preference, one secret can make the best sugar cookie. Do you know what it is?

In a sugar cookie recipe, there are only a couple of ingredients. Granted a lot of people just roll out pre-made, refrigerated dough or use a store bought mix. Still, making sugar cookies from scratch isn’t too hard.

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A quick search for recipes can bring up thousands of options. I’m willing to bet that you family has a favorite recipe as well. While the recipes can vary, a few ingredients are always the same.

In a classic sugar cookie recipe, the ingredients include flour, butter, egg, baking soda, baking powder and sugar. The ratios change depending on the batch size. Some recipes add flavoring, like vanilla or almond extract. Still, the basic ingredients stay the same.

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With everyone basically using the same basic ingredients, what makes some cookies taste better than others? Of course, some thoughts are expertise, knowledge and the millions of cookies made. Another person could say the love in the recipe. But, one secret can be adapted by anyone.

The secret to a perfect sugar cookie is very simple. It is the sugar. A fine, refined sugar will always make a better cookie. Just like better butter will yield a better result; better sugar will make a better sugar cookie.

While some bakers might have difficulty in finding refined sugar, you can make some yourself. If you take regular granulated sugar and pulse it in a blender, the crystals become smaller, or finer. The smaller, refined sugar blends better into the dough.

Of course, a cold, rested dough is important. Also, the right oven temperature, type of flour, etc. But, the change to the type of sugar makes a difference that you can taste. It might make you the cookie maven amongst your friends.

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