Love Potion No. 921 Ice cream flavor, taste the love in every scoop


Sometimes an ice cream flavor casts a spell over your tongue. The new Love Potion No 921 brings the taste of love in every scoop.

Ready for a new ice cream flavor for National Ice Cream Day? A special collaborative project between Periscope and Izzy’s Ice Cream, Love Potion No. 921 is an ice cream that could cast a love spell on your taste buds. This product is the first time that an agency used a food product to launch its new look. Could it make you fall in love with Periscope and this special ice cream?

The special, limited edition ice cream “a blood orange and pomegranate ice cream with a hint of ginger.” With a name featuring, “love” is makes sense that the flavors symbolize love. For centuries, pomegranate is consider a love symbol. Ginger is said to inspire love and passion. Combining those two flavors with blood orange make for a flavor explosion.

Love Potion No. 921 ice cream flavor, photo provided by Periscope & Izzy’s Ice Cream

The flavors were chosen specifically by Periscope employees. While the ice cream’s color reflects the agency’s colors, the ingredients also reflect the agency’s mission, “Do Things People Love.” The hope is that this ice cream is a strong reflection of the passion and love for all the things that the brand creates.

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It is quite interesting that a non-food company sought to launch its new look through a food. People are always looking for a connection and a universal language. In many cases, food can be that tie that binds everyone together. Even though people may live continents far  apart and speak different languages, everyone can communicate through food.

From the recipes that are handed down through families to cutting edge creations, people are drawn to food. A particular aroma can bring back a special memory. A food image can spark a conversation. That drink with a co-worker can spark a long-lasting relationship. Food is one thing that is communal.

While Love Potion No. 921 is a limited edition Periscope/Izzy’s Ice Cream flavor, the idea is a smart one for companies to consider. Who’s not to say that Netflix couldn’t have its own ice cream flavor or Nike couldn’t have its own soda? The possibilities are endless.

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Everyone has a food story? Share you passion and do things you love. What does your food story say about you?