Mamba Fruit Chews launches Mamba-Con at SDCC


Mamba Fruit Chews are ready for San Diego Comic Con. Are you ready to play the extraordinary berry retro-inspired video game?

Mamba Fruit Chews are bringing fruit candy goodness to Comic Con. At the first ever Mamba-Con, everyone can play the retro-inspired game. Are you ready for some fruity-chewy excitement?

On July 21 and 22, Adventures in Mamba World will come to the pop culture mecca, Comic Con. Mamba-Con is Mamba style pop-up experience. Hosted by Mambot and his Hero Squad, fans will be immersed in fruit chewy goodness.

Mamba Fruit Chews are a chewy, fruit treat. The long lasting chewy candy is bursting with fruit flavor. From classic flavors like Strawberry and Lemon to the popular sour versions, this candies are bursting with fruit goodness. Additionally, the tropical flavors like Pineapple-Coconut and Peach-Passionfruit keep the fruit, chewy candy on flavor trends.

Mamba Fruit Chews launches Mamba-Con at SDCC, photo provided by Mamba Fruit Chews

According to Laurence Cormier, marketing manager, Mamba Fruit Chews, “we Mambafied our fans’ interest in gaming and pop culture by creating Adventures in Mamba World. As a brand that fuels creativity and inventiveness, we see the game and the colorful, playful World of Mamba-Con in San Diego as an opportunity to reach and connect with the most engaged gaming and pop-culture fans.”

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In this game, players will traverse four levels, Fruit Land, Sour Land, Tropic Land and the Boss Battle. Additional power-ups will feature spins on other popular flavors like, Raspberry Rocket and Sour Shield. The players must protect again the evil Anti-Fruit and his minions. Who will prevail in the final Boss Battle level? Hopefully the fruity-chewy heroes.

The connection between candy and pop culture is growing. Players often enjoy the sweet, tangy goodness while playing video games. Expanding that connection into the game itself makes sense. Why just eat the candy when you can play with it?

For those attending SDCC, the pop-up experience brings both the candy fun and gaming opportunity into real life. From interacting with other fans to playing the game, this pop-up is about the experience. Similar to many of the other SDCC experiences, it solidifies the fandom with the fan.

The Mamba-Con pop-up event will be held at corner of 5th and Broadway. The event will run from 9 a.m. till 8 p.m. July 20 and 21.

Even if you aren’t traveling to SDCC, everyone can join the Mamba-Con fun. The game can be played online at through the end of the year.

Are you ready to join the extraordinary berry video game? Grab some Mamba Fruit Chews and get your gaming fingers ready. Which will last longer, the fruit chewy goodness or your high score?