HORMEL Angus Beef Chili is what your chili recipes need


HORMEL Angus Beef Chili is joining the brand’s line of chilis. Can your favorite recipes handle the premium Angus beef?

Are you park of Chili Nation? The new HORMEL Angus Beef Chili, the newest flavor, joins the brand’s more than 15 varieties. What recipes can you dream of with this newest HORMEL addition?

Recently, premium Angus beef has been rising in popularity. Consumers are seeking better quality products. The premium products some create better tasting dishes. These savvy consumers influence brands and new product launches. It makes sense that HORMEL has added an Angus beef version to its line.

HORMEL Angus Beef Chili Dog, photo provided by HORMEL

Chilis can be a hotly debated subject. One of the biggest debates is beans or no beans. Some people believe that it is a regional difference. Other people just think that beans are just a preference. Either way, it can cause chaos at any chili-cookoff.

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In my household, beans aren’t part of any chili dishes. After living in Texas for a while, the recipes never seemed to have beans. The beef heavy recipes were full of smoky, spicy meat. The hearty chilis were almost like a stew.

While some people might disagree, the bean-less chilis are amazing for making nacho recipes. With the addition of this HORMEL Angus Beef version, I can’t wait to create some special nachos for the football season. With some spicy chipotle cheese, sliced jalapenos and some pico de gallo, I know that the premium Angus beef will add another flavor dimension to the nachos.

Although nachos are a game day favorite, this recipe isn’t the only option for the new HORMEL flavor. It will make a great topping for a baked potato. For something a little different, cook an egg into the chili for a hearty and flavorful meal. Serve it with a few biscuits or cornbread. It is a great meal on a brisk, winter day.

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The new HORMEL Angus Beef Chili will be available at elect retailers across the nation. What recipe will you be making?