Utz White Cheddar Cheeseball Baseballs are a home run


Utz White Cheddar Cheeseball Baseballs are the baseball themed snack that fans are craving. Peanuts have been benched by this official Major League Baseball snack.

Utz, the Official Salty Snack of Major League Baseball, has launched its White Cheddar Cheeseball Baseballs. While the song might reference peanuts and other snacks, baseball fans will be cheering for these cheesy-good snacks. With all 30 major league teams on the bag, everyone feels the reason to celebrate another home run.

These new White Cheddar Cheeseball Baseballs are a perfect snack for the second half of baseball season. As teams race for the pennant, the cheesy, crunchy snack is a great way to keep hunger away during those long innings.

Utz White Cheddar Cheeseball Baseballs photo provided by Utz

The white cheddar flavor is cheesy, but not overpowering. Also, the size of each cheeseball is perfect to grab a handful at a time. With a crunchy, yet puffy, consistency, the snacks are quite addicting. Whether you enjoy a bag with a soda or your favorite beer, you might need two bags to snack on during a long game.

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Since Utz is an official Major League Baseball partner, it is nice that all 30 teams are represented on the bag. While some people might prefer a single team bag, representing the whole sport is great for the fan. Sometimes not everyone in a household agrees on a favorite team.

Also, this snack bag would be a fun idea for little league teams. Between all the teams represented on the bag and the fun baseball shape and color, it can be the perfect snack for a post-game celebration or an end of season party. Overall, this snack is a great choice for baseball fans.

The only down-side to this baseball themed snack is that it will be available for a limited period of time. While the exact availability is unknown, I doubt that these bags will be available after baseball season ends. Fans better stock up before the bags disappear.

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Have you tried the new Utz White Cheddar Cheeseball Baseballs? Or, which team’s victory are you celebrating with bag of these tasty snacks?