Lollapalooza cocktail specials continue the festival festivities


Lollapalooza weekend is here and the festival festivities are abundant. These cocktail specials can keep the music-themed celebration going.

Lollapalooza is a huge music festival for Chicago. Whether you hit all the concerts or just dream of going, the whole Windy City has Lolla-fever. Luckily some of the city’s favorite watering holes and restaurants are getting into the Lolla-spirit. These cocktail specials have everyone in the festival mind-set.


Music-themed events will drive aliveOne’s Lolla celebration. With songs by Lolla artists playing in the background, Chicagoans can enjoy some cocktail and beverage specials. Specifically, aliveOne created a special cocktail, “The Bruno” for the celebration. This cocktail features CH Vodka, fresh lime juice and grapefruit La Croix. Who doesn’t love La Croix?

Lollapoolza cocktail specials, photo provided by Ryan Gac

Marshall’s Landing

Located atop the Grand Stair in the Merchandise Mart, Marshall’s Landing has created three special cocktails based on Lolla performers. Whether you imbibe in one or all three, these cocktails could get you in the party spirit. Here are the three cocktails.

"The Arctic Monkey, inspired by the group who is headlining on Thursday, features bourbon, banana liqueur, angostura and ginger bittersI Can’t Feel My Face, inspired by Saturday’s headliner The Weeknd’s #1 hit song, features jalapeno-infused tequila, watermelon juice, triple sec and lime & lemon juiceThe Jack White, inspired by Jack White of course, who’s headlining on Sunday, features vodka, Rumchata, Kahlua and cream"

Looking at these three cocktails, I would be most excited to try “I Can’t Feel My Face.” The spice from the jalapeno and the sweetness from the watermelon would make this cocktail a perfect refresher after a day of music.

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The Optima

Are you ready for Optipalooza 2018? Anyone with a Lolla wristband “will receive one drink for only a penny.” That’s an amazing deal to enjoy after a long day at the festival. Also there are late night food specials, including favorite like sliders, empanadas and even funnel cake. Of course, cocktails are plentiful, too. The playful names like Havana Ooh Na Na or LL Cool Jameson are fun. But, don’t miss the Carly Rae Jepson’s Malort with Zubrowka. Everyone has to have Malort at least once.

Castaways Bar & Grill

One of the hardest things about Lolla is staying cool. Luckily, Castaways Bar & Grill is helping everyone cool off with its “Frozen Lolla Lemonade.” A dip in Lake Michigan is option after stopping at Castaways.

Lollapoolza cocktails, photo provided by Ryan Gac

Easy Bar

Are you ready to enter Lollaland? Easy Bar is mixing up a special cocktail featuring green tea infused Captain Morgan White Rum. Could all those tea antioxidants help you quickly recover for another day at the music festival?


Can Estelle’s interest you in some LL Cool-aid? This cocktail is definitely not a kiddie drink. A spin on a negroni, this cocktail is a great aperitif for an evening of fun. Or, try 96 Quite Bitter Beings featuring some elderflower and prosecco. Everything is better with bubbles, right?

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya

Whether you want to get refreshed after all the music or fuel up before, Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya is ready for everyone. The must try special is the Matcha Shaved Ice. If you show your Lollapoolza wristband, the shaved ice is just $1 (usually $5). Who doesn’t want a shaved ice after being outside all day long?

Lollapoolza cocktails, photo by Ivy Tac


Rhubard is a favorite summer flavor. In honor of Chicago’s favorite summer festival, Remedy has created the Rhubarbarellapalooza. Featuring rhubarb bitters, gin and aperol it is a refreshing cocktail. While haven’t had rhubarb bitters, I am definitely intrigued by this flavor. Someone tell me if they try it.

Roanoke Restaurant

About a mile from Grant Park, Roanoke Restaurant can almost hear the music from Lolla. To celebrate the music festival, the restaurant has created several special cocktails for the weekend. From the Bruno Mars “garita” to the Grant Park Pisco, there is an option for everyone. I would definitely try the Walk The Moonhattan. Who can resist a really good Manhattan?

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Are you going to Lollapalooza? Do you have any tips, tricks or must-haves? Even better, where should we eat and drink in Chicago? Tag us with #FoodSided and show us your finds.