Food Network Star Season 14 winner was not the expected outcome


Did you guess the Food Network Star Season 14 winner? Fans of the Food Network show didn’t expect this finale outcome.

The Food Network Star Season 14 winner was announced. The three finalists, Manny, Christian and Jess all vied for the title. The Food Network show had a very unexpected outcome to this Food Network Star season. For the first time ever, there wasn’t a single winner.

Instead of crowning a single winner to this Food Network Star season, the Food Network awarded the title to both Christian and Jess. The ending to this season was totally unexpected. Even the announcement by Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis had everyone feeling a little uncertain. With two totally different, yet equally watchable food personalities, the co-winners seemed shocked themselves. What does this decision mean for the two winners?

In previous seasons of Food Network Star, the winner has gone on to get his/her own Food Network show. The most successful television personality who came from this program was Guy Fieri. Yes, without this Food Network show, there would be no triple D or people wouldn’t be as familiar with Donkey Sauce. Still, the other winners might not be quite as well known.

(Left to Right) Guest Judges Jason Smith and Tregaye Fraser with Hosts Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis during the One Minute Demo for the Final Challenge, as seen on Food Network Star, Season 14. photo provided by Food Network

Last season’s winner, Jason Smith, has a very loyal following. Still, he didn’t get his own Food Network show. He is the co-host of Best Baker in America. While that show is one of the best shows on Food Network, many of Smith’s fans would have preferred Smith to have his own stand-alone show. Now, with two new winners of Food Network Star, will Smith lose his role on the Food Network?

Looking at the Food Network Star Season 14 results, it looked like the title would be awarded to either Christian or Jess. Manny has a great personality, has appeared on other Food Network shows and is well liked. Unfortunately, the Food Network has other programs that feature Manny’s culinary point of view.

With several shows that focus on comfort foods, Manny couldn’t set himself apart. Maybe if Manny had focused more on firehouse food or even something Florida related, he could have made himself stand out. Then again, Manny sometimes struggled with his words and he called the Pioneer Woman the wrong name (that probably sealed his fate).

Finalists Christian Petroni, Jess Tom, and Manny Washington, as seen on Food Network Star, Season 14. photo provided by Food Network

Still, it doesn’t seem like the Food Network is just going to cast Manny aside. Bobby invited him to be on Beat Bobby Flay. A fun show could have been Manny going around the U.S. and visiting all the firehouse cooks. Maybe that show could appear on the Cooking Channel.

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The question still remains what will happen with this season’s dual winners, Christian and Jess. Christian had been a standout all season long. While he was never able to taste and talk, his food was always on point and his personality was vivacious. He has a culinary point of view that isn’t well represented on the Food Network. The Italian chef and restaurateur brings new life to old-school, Italian dishes.

Thinking about a show for Christian, it would be nice to see him cook in an old school cooking show vibe. Not to bring back the beginnings of the Food Network, but it would be nice to see a high energy cooking show. Christian provided some real cooking terms and tips. More and more home cooks are looking to cook like a professional. Christian could excel in that scenario.

Also, Christian would do well incorporating the old-school, traditional family recipes with newer techniques and perspective. Throughout the season, Christian would say things like “how grandma would make.” Just like his pilot, he could show the home cook how to make those old-school, traditional recipes into something modern.

Winners Christian Petroni and Jess Tom, as seen on Food Network Star, Season 14. photo provided by Food Network

With Jess, her show seems a little more uncertain. While Jess has a way with descriptive words, her cooking authority isn’t on the same level as Christian. My guess is that her Food Network show would focus more on visiting restaurants or interviewing chefs. I really don’t see her in a kitchen cooking, unless it is recreating someone else’s recipe.

Food Network seems to be focusing more on food travel type shows or cooking competitions. In those scenarios, Jess would do well because she describes food well. Her words can have a person almost tasting that particular dish even though the viewer can only see the food.

Jess’ pilot focused on a really important topic in the food world, seed to table. Everyone, not just professional chefs, wants to know where food is being grown or processed. The idea that the chef is also the farmer is a popular food trend. Maybe Jess will focus more on food trends for the Food Network.

The biggest question the lingers after watching Food Network Star Season 14 finale is whether this Food Network show will continue for another season. While it is an entertaining summer show, it is uncertain whether the channel really needs this type of competition. Recent additions to the Food Network come from all areas. Now food influencers are just as popular as celebrity chefs. Even comedians who are passionate about food are getting their own programs.

Also, the fan reaction to this season’s winners might influence whether this show returns for Season 15. Of course, Bobby and Giada are popular with fans and the show is a good vehicle for other Food Network personalities. Still, with so many other shows that have loyal followings, does this Food Network Star have the fan base to keep it going?

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Did you agree with the choice of Food Network Star Season 14 winner? Who do you think should have been crowned the next Food Network Star?