How long does it take to properly savor a Stella Artois?


Stella Artois wants people to think about life’s little pleasures. Do you know how long it takes to savor the Joie de Bière?

Do you take the time to savor a Stella Artois? Sometimes the simple pleasure of sipping a beer with friends is overlooked. It’s it time to focus on enjoying, yet savoring, a beer. With STELLASPACE, beer lovers can rediscover the simple pleasure of beer drinking.

From dinners to football parties, beer is a common beverage served. But, do you really think about that beer while you’re drinking it? Sometimes on a hot day, that beer is more likely chugged that enjoyed to its fullest potential.

Stella Artois STELLASPACE with Luke Evans, photo provided by Anheuser Busch

When it comes to eating, people have learned to eat slowly and enjoy their food. Savoring food has become part of the way people eat. No one wants to inhale a burger in a matter of minutes. All the flavor, time and effort of cooking the food is wasted when the food is scarfed down. But, when it comes to beer, people can be less mindful.

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Stella Artois, along with actor Luke Evans, has created a new methodology for people to rediscover beer. STELLASPACE is an audio guide that helps people savor both the beer and the time drinking the beer. It is like a little beer meditation.

Recently, more adults have been looking for ways to be more mindful. Whether it is a mediation app or an adult coloring book, those tools tend to help people calm their thoughts and be more present in the moment. While rediscovering the joys of coloring can be fun, why not make beer drinking that moment of zen instead.

Do you know how long it should take to savor a beer? Surprisingly, it is 20 minutes. “Stella Artois’ Master Cicerone® Max Bakker, one of only 16 world-renowned beer experts to have earned the illustrious title, determined it’s the optimal time needed to truly appreciate every sip of the full-flavored, classic Belgian lager.”

In STELLASPACE, Luke Evans guides people through this sensory journey. Evans’ narration covers topics from fighting criminal masterminds to slaying dragon. Of course, these personal anecdotes are woven into beer drinking topics. From the burst of the bubbles to the aromatic flavors, all of these topics work together to make beer drinking more of an experience.

While the concept might be entertaining, the purpose behind STELLASPACE is even more important. Evans says “it provides a fun way to remind people to be present, make the most of their time.” Of course, the beer drinking is part of the moment. Still, being in the moment is often over looked. Who hasn’t come to the end of the day and wondered where it all went. Maybe these 20 brief minutes could make an impact.

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Are you willing to put 20 minutes aside to savor your next Stella Artois with friends? STELLASPACE could be your next moment of zen, beer included.