S’mores record! Girl Scouts break s’mores Guinness Book of World Record


S’mores, the campfire treat, and the Girl Scouts are forever linked in the food world. Now, with a Guinness Book of World Record s’mores record pending, they will live in infamy.

Girl Scouts, often credited with the “first official recipe” for s’mores, is ready to mark their place in the s’mores record history books again. With the help of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee attempted to break the Guinness Book of World Record for number of S’mores made at the same time. On August 10, National S’mores Day, it appears that the record will be broken.

While Guinness stills need to certify the record, the attempt had 801 participants, which does break the record. This special event shows that s’mores are more than just that sweet, gooey campfire treat. The smiles shared with friends are just as satisfying.

Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee Guinness World Record S’mores Attempt on Friday, August 10, 2018 in Brentwood, Tenn.(Jon Morgan/AP Images for Hershey’s)

This recording breaking attempt happened with help from Hershey’s. While the original “Some More” recipe didn’t necessarily specify this particular chocolate bar, Hershey’s has become the iconic chocolate bar in a s’mores recipe. When a Hershey’s square is placed on top of a warm, gooey marshmallow, the chocolate slightly melts. Combined with the graham cracker, the flavor explosion is out of this world.

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Over the years, the classic s’mores recipe has evolved beyond that original campfire treat. Still, the classic textures and inherent flavor remains. Whether making s’mores in a microwave or adding additional flavors, the sweet treat is always a popular choice.

Part of the appeal of this classic sweet treat is that it is often enjoyed with friends. Going back to the original campfire recipe, the idea was that everyone enjoyed the treat together. Of course, people might not agree on marshmallow doneness, the conversations while making the treats are part of the fun. Just don’t let anyone lose a marshmallow into the flame (even though that story makes a great food memory).

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As another National S’mores Day passed, this one will go down in history for Hershey’s, the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee. It looks like another s’mores record is in the books.