Almond Joy turns vacation dreams into a reality


Vacation dreams don’t have to be a mirage. With the help from Almond Joy, some people in need of an escape had those vacation wishes come true?

Even as summer vacation comes to an end, did you actually escape from the daily grind? Almond Joy, the coconut, almond and chocolate candy bar, thinks more people should actually enjoy some time away from their daily chores. Would you be willing to answer the ring of a coco-phone?

A 2017 study found that American workers life 52% of vacation time on the table.” That number is staggering. Of course, each company has different vacation policies, but doesn’t everyone need a little rest and relaxation? Couldn’t that down-time make all that work seem just a little more bearable?

Recently, Almond Joy went to Nashville, Tennessee with a coco-phone. The hope was to encourage those workers, who were in desperate need of a vacation, to use that time off. For people who answered the coco-phone, a huge surprise was in store for them. Check out this video.

Almond Joy Coco-phone, photo provided by Almond Joy

Of course, people were probably a little skeptical about answering a coco-phone. It isn’t every day that a pop-up promotion like this one is on the street. The idea of a company encouraging people to escape from the daily grind is very refreshing.

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The expressions and reactions from the people who answered the coco-phone were priceless. While there can be many reasons why vacation days are left on the table, the constant pressure from work can be stressful. When a person is presented with the idea of getting away from it all, their faces say it all. They are jubilant, they are ecstatic and they look a little less stressed. Isn’t that what a vacation does?

Any type of vacation can bring a little joy into a person’s life. It doesn’t have to be a 14-day African safari or a week at Universal. It can be some moments of reflection, escape or some personally made island time. Doesn’t everyone deserve that little piece of joy?

While the coco-phone didn’t show up in my city, I thought of bringing this concept on a smaller scale into my home. Watching the video made me remember the classic Almond Joy jingle (yes, you remember it, too). This weekend, I’m creating a little island escape in my backyard. No phones, computers or tablets allowed. Just a few moments sitting in the sun, sipping a cold beverage and hopefully a little quiet. It might not be a huge vacation, but it is a work break that could recharge my creativity.

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Would you answer the coco-phone and let Almond Joy make your vacation dreams a reality? Where would your ultimate vacation be?