Tell Lay’s your favorite potato chip flavor for free chips


What’s your favorite potato chip flavor? It is time to tell Lay’s about your must have flavor and it could bring you free chips.

Everyone has a favorite potato chip flavor. Lay’s wants to hear which one of their 21 chip flavors is your favorite. Voicing your chip opinion could score you some free potato chips. Who doesn’t want free chips?

The special Lay’s promotion takes place on August 19, National Potato Day. While this food holiday doesn’t necessarily focus just on chips, this potato snack is probably one of the most popular ways to enjoy a potato. Sure fries are yummy, but who has time to wait for them to cook when there is a potato craving. Simply pop open a bag and dig into that potato goodness.

Tell Lay’s your favorite potato chip flavor for free chips, photo provided by Lay’s

Over the years, potato chips have come a long way. From various chip styles to numerous flavors, there is a chip for every and any occasion. Truthfully, it could be a flavor a day scenario.

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Personally, I like to match my chip choice to the other foods that I am eating. For example, the classic, plain Lay’s is always a great choice with burgers. Whether eaten on the side or placed on top of the burger, this classic chip is always a delicious choice.

If you’re into chips and dip, a wavy style of chips are a must. The waves are the perfect style to scoop up all the yummy dip. Just make sure that you don’t spill on your shirt.

For the food trends, this year’s Lay’s Tastes of America chips are a must. The regionally inspired flavors have some options that are absolutely amazing. While I don’t want our ranking to influence you, the Fried Pickles with Ranch and Spicy Thai Chili are two flavors that you should start hoarding. I can’t keep these two flavors in my house.

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Are you ready to tell Lay’s all about your favorite potato chip flavor? Remember to tag #FlavorofDay on social media and you could win some free chips. Do chips taste even better when they are free?