5 qualities college students want in their college dining options


As college students head back to campus, there are five food qualities that students want in their college dining options. Can they find these attributes?

College dining options have come a long way. College students want more when it comes to their food options. Specifically, there are five qualities that they are looking for in their food. Will colleges focus on these food trends?

Consumers, especially younger consumers, are becoming more knowledge about food. Beyond the food trends, people want to know where their food is grown, specific recipe ingredients and nutrition content. While students still want convenience, they don’t want to sacrifice quality for expediency.

College dining trends focus on college students wants, photo provided by Aramark

According to an Aramark survey, college students want the following five qualities in their college dining options. They want food to be “quick, fresh, healthy, local and sustainable.” These qualities aren’t unreasonable. Given today’s many food options, any college dining hall should be able to appease these wants.

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One big food trend that is coming to college campuses is the Beyond Burger. The plant-based alternative isn’t just for vegetarians, the burger has become an option for all types of diners. Given the higher quality of plant-based alternatives, this alternative menu item appeals to the healthy eater as well as the sustainability aspect.

All of these changes are important because it makes students feel appreciated. Food is such a vital part of a person’s well-being. For students who are away from food, they need to be nourished both physically and mentally. Having food that they want in the way that they want it can help them succeed in their school experience.

Today’s students are well-versed in food. Gone are the days where cold pizza and a pot of coffee could fuel a student through an all-nighter. Now, students are food savvy. Whether it is a hot food trend or the desire to have locally sourced, fresh ingredients, these students have grown up with better eating habits. They shouldn’t have to compromise when they are away from home.

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