Would you spend $300 for a year’s worth of unlimited Olive Garden pasta?


How much are you willing to pay for a year of unlimited Olive Garden pasta? This year Olive Garden expands its Never Ending Pasta Pass options.

Olive Garden fans will be sitting at the computers on Thursday, August 23. After last year’s successful Never Ending Pasta Pass, the Darden Restaurants division is offering an even bigger pasta offer. Now, pasta lovers can purchase the Annual Pasta Pass. Is all that pasta worth the price?

This year’s pasta promotion has two options. First, Never Ending Pasta Pass provides eight weeks of unlimited pasta dishes. For just $100, 23,000 passes will be available through the company website. The promotion runs from September 24 through November 18.

Olive Garden Annual Pasta Pass and Never Ending Pasta Pass (PRNewsfoto/Olive Garden)

New for this year is the Annual Pasta Pass. This special pass costs $300 and there are only 1,000 passes available. Passholders will get 52 weeks of unlimited access to the Never Ending Pasta Bowl. According to Darden, the cost is less than $1 day.

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To make this special annual pasta pass worth it, it would take at least 28 visits to break even (based on $10.99 Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion cost). People must really like pasta and their local restaurant to make this promotion a good expense.

Personally, I could see buying this pass for my kids. As athletes and growing boys, they eat a lot of pasta. They could easily eat multiple bowls of pasta every night of the week and still want more food. For them, this pass would be quite cost beneficial.

Last year, this promotion ended as soon as it started. While the passes are only available for 30 minutes, all the passes were sold the moment that the promotion began. Even with the additional passes offered, this promotion will probably be gone within a matter of minutes. If you want to get a pass, you better have a fast internet connection.

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Will you try to purchase one of these Olive Garden pasta passes? How many bowls of pasta could you eat in year?