Whole30 meals made easy with Blue Apron


Healthy eating doesn’t have to be difficult. Whole30 meals on the Blue Apron means that there are no more excuses for poor eating choices.

Have you tried eating Whole30 meals? This type of healthy eating eliminates all inflammatory foods and beverages. The idea is to eat clean meals. The foods and recipes have minimal ingredients. These simple foods should help to fuel your lifestyle.

The biggest part to incorporating this healthy eating lifestyle change is adapting the way of eating for the entire program. For 30 days, there are no substitutes, slips and definitely no cheating. The key to making this change work is to find recipes that work in a person’s lifestyle.

Whole30 meals made easy with Blue Apron, photo provided by Blue Apron

Finding easy, quick Whole30 meals doesn’t have to be difficult. Blue Apron has incorporated the 30-day lifestyle program into its meal planning and preparation system. After a successful launch, Blue Apron will be offering an expanded menu for September.

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These recipes for September are designed to be easy and some can be made in 25 minutes or less. Starting on September 3, Blue Apron will offer three recipes per week that are part of this lifestyle program.
Looking at the variety of the recipes, a few of the offerings sound quite appetizing. Even people who aren’t following this lifestyle plan would be pleased with these dinner options. From fish to pork to beef, there is a dinner for everyone.

One of the keys to these recipes is the bold flavors in each dish. Spices seem to highlight many of the dishes. For example, dukkah is used in a pork roast. That trending food spice is great addition in a Blue Apron menu option.

The variety on this special menu helps people stick to the lifestyle plan. From the different proteins to the flavor profiles, these dishes can help people not feel deprived. No one wants to be stuck in a food rut.

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Would you try the Whole30 meals from Blue Apron or have you followed the Whole30 plan? Let us know your thoughts.