Snackable Notes in school lunches bring smiles to a lunch box


Putting a smile to a lunch box isn’t impossible. Sometimes school lunches need a little encouragement with some Snackable Notes.

Kids often look forward to school lunches. From socializing to taking a break from all the daily studies, this school period is, for some, the best part of the day. Sometimes, the school day can be a little hard on both kids and parents. Next time the kids open that lunch box, make sure there’s a smile inside of it.

Going back to school can be hard on both the kids and the parents. While some kids might look forward to new friends, classes and experiences, parents often worry about their kids during the day. In a recent Frito-Lay Variety Packs survey, the study found that the majority of parents “worry about their kids’ happiness while they are at school.” Shouldn’t there be a way for parents to give the kids a smile, or a sense of encouragement, while at school?

Frito-Lay Variety Packs have created snackable notes on select packages. Available through September 9, these special snack packages have a special note area. Parents can write a little phrase, draw a picture or both. The idea is to bring a little something special to that back to school lunch box.

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Personally, I remember my mom putting little notes into my lunch box throughout the school year. From the first day of school to encouragement on a big test day, that little note made me remember that she was thinking of me. It wasn’t a huge thing, but that little surprise just seemed to make my day a little brighter.

Today, parents and kids are more likely to text the day away. Those old school gestures, like written notes, seemed to have been overlooked by convenience. This idea of adding a little something extra to the school lunch/lunch box is simple, yet can make a huge difference to a kid’s day.

Recently, I added a few of these Frito-Lay snack bags to my kids’ lunches. Truthfully, I was a little curious to see if the boys would notice the phrases and drawings on the bags. It was part encouragement and part observance test. I was pleasantly surprised that they noticed. More importantly, they were excited about the surprise.

Frito-Lay Variety Packs Snackable Notes photo provided by Frito-Lay North America

The most interesting part about including the Snackable Notes in the lunch boxes was that it sparked a conversation at home. The kids would make fun of my silly sayings or drawings. More importantly, it was a conversation starter. Instead of the tired, boring responses to my questions, the kids were a little more willing to talk about their school day. Anything that promotes more communication is a winner in my book.

With these Snackable Notes bags, each conversation bubble starts with “Here’s to a delicious day.” In our house, I tried to vary the statements in the bubbles. From run faster than a cheetah on cross country practice days to It’s that Doritos Feeling Day on Mondays, the sayings were meant to be silly. Sure, it might get met with an eye roll on occasion, but isn’t that part of the point. Those notes were a simple gesture and the kids knew that I was thinking about them.

While this Frito-Lay Variety Pack promotion is just for back to school, it would be a fun idea to have all year long. Beyond the school lunches, these conversation bubbles could be great for parties, school sports and even tailgating. The options and uses for these type of bags are many.

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What words of encouragement would you write on the Frito-Lay Variety Pack Snackable Notes? That smile in a lunch box could make those school lunches the best part of the day.