What’s the number one food that college kids order?


College kids have a particular food craving. According to DoorDash, there is one food that tops all those college foods orders.

As college kids hit the books, hunger can be a huge study deterrent. DoorDash studied some college food ordering trends. From popular ordering times to the number one food that kids want, these findings are quite telling.

According to DoorDash, the number one item that college students order is hot sauce packets. While I didn’t know that a person could order just hot sauce packets, I think that this condiment is highly requested with the food orders. Truthfully, hot sauce packets go on almost anything. Beyond tacos and burritos, hot sauce can go on eggs, chicken, French fries and just about anything.

College kids ordering trends, photo provided by DoorDash

Also, hot sauce can give anyone the burst of energy. Haven’t you ever felt more alive after eating something spicy? That heat not only sets your mouth on fire but it also opens up your breathing. Maybe hot sauce packets are a better study aid that multiple cups of coffee.

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The favorite food wasn’t the only part of this DoorDash study. The study showed that Sundays and late night eating are popular with college kids. That post-party pizza craving or that Sunday hangover meal are quite common on college campuses. It appears that dorm food doesn’t quite satisfy like an order from a favorite DoorDash affiliated restaurant.

Lastly, the best way to wish college kids good luck this school year is with some food delivery. Instead of sending flowers or balloon, DoorDash found that college students love receiving a good luck food delivery. After looking at delivery notes, many orders wished students well on a test, cram session or big event. If mom can’t be there to make a home cooked meal, at least this food delivery option is a great choice.

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What were your favorite foods during college? What do you think that about college kids loving hot sauce? Show us what you’re eating by tagging #FoodSided.