What is the third most popular drink overall?


As a nation, do you know that people rank as the thirst most popular drink? That beverage choice might be more surprising than you realize.

What’s your favorite drink? Walking down a grocery store aisle can be overwhelming, confusing and even daunting. It is said that water and tea are the two most popular drinks. Do you know what is considered the third most popular?

Beer is considered the third most popular drink behind water and tea. September 7 is National Beer Lovers and it is the perfect excuse to raise a frosty cold one in honor of this food holiday. It is said that the origins of this holiday go back to 1933. That year FDR signed the Cullen-Harrison Act, which ended prohibition. People celebrated the returns of alcohol sales and consumption with a frosty, cold beer.

Beer is considered one of the oldest beverages. Origins have been traced back to the Middle East in the 5th Century BC. Many people consider beer as the most widely consumed alcoholic beverages on the planet.
Looking at the current beer market, the options for beer drinkers are many. From the popular, well-known names to the smallest nano-breweries, there is an option for almost any type of beer drinker. Even gluten-free drinkers have their beer choices. If you can’t find a beer that you like, you haven’t looked hard enough.

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Given the current popularity of beer, including craft beer, it begs the question if this bubble will burst. Consumers tend to go through phases of favorite beverages. Looking at the spirits market, popular or trending liquors come and go. From tequila to whiskey to rum, each one has had its moment.

Currently, beer doesn’t seems to be fading. The number of craft breweries continue to increase. Even football stadiums have upped their craft beer selection. And, more people are learning to pair beers with elaborate dinners. Beer is definitely having its moment.

Are you celebration National Beer Day? What’s your favorite beer, craft brew or nano-brew? Share a picture of what you’re drinking by tagging #FoodSided on social media. Cheers to beer, the third most popular drink overall.